Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fish Can't Climb Trees

Another day, another chance of flooding from the skies. The morning dawned bright and clear, but alas, as I was walking to lunch, the tsunami from the skies once again appeared and dumped buckets of rain so hard you couldn't see in front of you. Of course this only happens during the four minutes I'm walking to the dining hall.

After arriving to lunch looking like a drowned rat, I ate and left for debate class once again. Today we went through more presentations on art pieces, although there are still about three people who need to present tomorrow. The next hour of class was spent going through our textbook, which was very interesting for me and the class, but probably not very interesting for the readers so I shall refrain from going into detail.

However, after textbook review, we did have another debate. (yay) I was once again participating, and my partner and I were opening government. I was the first speaker, and was responsible for defining terms and presenting arguments. It's a bit more technical than that, but that's the overview. The resolution was that we should legalize brothels (we were supporting that) and our main arguments centered around safety for the prostitute and the customer.

After the debate was over (at 4:00 PM, an hour after class is supposed to end), it was decided that my teammate and I won. I agreed with this decision. It felt great to place first out of four teams, which really shows that my work in this debate class is paying off and I'm improving. I would hope I'm improving at least, it would be a bit awkward if I got worse at speaking after this class...

The afternoon passed, as usual, with studying and reading until I met with Thao, Shanti, and Melissa to go to dinner. We met up with Reese, Joe, Justice, Julie, and Stephen in the dining hall. After dinner, the ILC cohort met up with Chan-Law for photos of our sweatshirts. 

After the photo shoot, everyone threw around the frisbee for a bit before retiring to dorms or other evening activities. I went back to my dorm to watch the semi-final between Japan and England, which was definitely the best use of my evening free time.  

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