Friday, July 3, 2015

More Memories with Good Company

Can't Forget to Hydrate!
Due to the impending Fourth of July weekend, the session for today was cancelled, leaving with an extra day all to myself.  I didn't really have a plan for the day, so I went with the flow, doing whatever I could with whoever I could.  Even with the lack of a plan, my day exceeded expectations and allowed me to get closer with some of my good friends at Cornell.

Most of my day was dedicated to basketball.  At around 10 in the morning, my day came to a stall, so I called up Joe and we headed out to Cornell's gym to play basketball.  We intended to shoot around for about thirty minutes and then head back to the dorms, but we ended up playing for about two and a half hours in a hot gym.  We played shot around, competed in one on one, played Around the World, then called it a session and headed to the RPCC for lunch.  My basketball journey didn't stop there.  At around three, Stephen and I headed over to the gym again after throwing around a frisbee with Helen.  Back at the gym, we played three games, a two on two match-up with two other students, a one on one matchup against ourselves, and a three on three with four others, one of whom was college student at Cornell.  I recognized some of the students in the two on two and the three on three matchups from the Ultimate Frisbee session yesterday and the games allowed us to gel a little more (when I thought about it, everyone I knew from Ultimate Frisbee played against me during those games).  This session, similar to the first, ran for about two and a half hours.  Playing against so many students was incredibly fun because it allowed me to get to know some of my fellow students through the fun competition.  It was a great feeling whenever I connected on a jumper, grabbed a rebound, dished out an assist, or participated in some friendly trash-talk.  It was  a great way to get in daily exercise and served as a way for me to forget about my workload and bond with fellow students.  

Outside of basketball, the other part of my day was composed of going to College Town with a couple of friends.  The trip wasn't anything out of the ordinary; Me, Gaby, and my friend Gilbert grabbed Starbucks while Stephen, Nick, and their friends Coco and Angel went to The Original Tea House and Insomnia Cookies.  Once we all grabbed our drinks and food, we all went Mehak, an Indian restaurant, where Gaby, Stephen, and Nick talked with their friend from the Hotel Management course.  While they talked with their friend, me and Gilbert relaxed and talked outside until they eventually made their way out.  Stephen and Nick and Coco and Angel went their own separate ways while Gaby, Gilbert, and I walked back to our dorms.  Along the way, we found a pathway where if you threw a rock on a set of tiles, they made sounds similar to that of a Xylophone, which was a nice little feature on the campus I didn't know existed.  Once we all made it back to our respective dorms, I hammered away at my assignment for Debate and Rhetoric class until I called it a night.  Tomorrow, the Cornell cohort heads out on a three and a half hour journey to Niagra Falls!

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