Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fourth of July Already?

Waking up and looking forward to doing more work was not to motivating. However, knowing that hard work will benefit me a lot in the near future, I always strive to do my best. This morning, I woke up with the same mindset. 

I can not believe I am halfway through the program. Only a week and a half was left and I feel like I just met all my new friends. The thing about short summer program is the good bye. Staying together for three weeks is barely enough time to be good friends. However, we will save that speech for another time. Today was the day we continued our lessons on Excel, templates, and Word. 

Walking into class was different. By the time class began, it still felt like something was missing. I looked left, there sat my group mate Brittney. I looked right and there was an empty seat where Alex should have been, my other group mate. Frantically checking my phone, we found out that he had broken his wrist and was currently getting X-rays. Luckily Alex had already informed Mark and Reneta.

The first lesson of the day covered the topic of how to use Excel. Currently, we are doing a report sheet for our own "hotels". In order to create one, we must know the basics of Excel. By the time the lesson ended, it was already lunch time. However, it was very useful and important information, for tomorrow we have a quiz on it. 

Once we returned an hour later from the Trillium dining hall, group A was assigned to the computer labs. Here we were able to physically execute all that was taught in our first lecture. Mark even taught the lesson again while the class followed along and mimicked each move. This part of the lesson really helped me better understand the material of Excel. 

Once we finished, our group went to the main classroom to receive a lesson from Reneta. Throughout the lesson, we learned about yield management. Yield management is the process of making minor changes to a product based on the market's demand. Reneta helped us get a better sense of what it was by showing us a 30 minute video as well as teaching us through Power Points and on the whiteboard.

Cornell cohort representing new sweaters and jacket
Class was dismissed at 3:30, but office hours began at 4:00. Wanting to get ahead, my group and I began working right away and were able to complete our letter and report template by 6:00. The only assignment needed to be completed was to study for tomorrow's quiz. This is precisely what my classmates and I did. 

The only break I took was when I played frisbee after dinner and the firework show. Today, my cohort and I ate dinner together and played frisbee afterwards. At 7:15, we met up with Chan-Law and were informed what time to meet up for Niagara Falls. Also, we were able to pose with our new Cornell sweaters. I love my varsity baseball jacket! A quick message to the Ivy League: thank you so much, you do not know how much I appreciate everything you guys do for us. 

I returned back to my dorm and studied with Nick for our Excel quiz. As always, we questioned one another again and again until we answered every question correctly. This process may take a while, but it is a very good way to memorize notes and any other material. 

The night sky before the firework show. 
9:30 rolled around and Nick and I decided to go to the slope, a grassy hill near the Cornell Book Store, to watch the fireworks. An interesting fact is that Ithaca decides to celebrate it's 4th of July firework show on July 1st to decrease the amount of pollution. Even though it was three days early, the show was amazing. Not witnessing fireworks for a long time, tonight's show reminded me a lot of being on family vacation at Disneyland. Once everyone settled in and checked in for the night, I continued to study on my own and began to blog. Justice and Nick came into my room to study a little more, but left once they finished. 

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