Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wait Canada Day or the Fourth of July?

Today we learned another applications of Microsoft Offices. This application is the one I was looking forward to learning the most. It is the most useful Microsoft Office application and all employees in business field use this with computing. This application was Microsoft Excel. The reason why I was doe ecstatic to learn the basis of this program is because my father uses it all the time for the business that he owns. If I could learn the correct methods to operate Excel I can help my parents with almost anything. This rages from making a spreadsheets about revenue, inventory, or even taxes! I want to help my parents with the business. I want to be my more involved and I think mastering Excel will help me do that.
In the Bin Lab working on Excel!
My Amazing Group: Sarah(Left), Amanda(Middle), and Matthew(Right)
In class we learned about maximizing revenue. There are different ways to maximizing revenue when it comes to managing a hotel. I came to my attention, just because there may be one hundred percent occupancy in a hotel doesn't mean that the hotel is making its maximum revenue. But if hotels were to open only the higher rates for rooms, guests wouldn't want to stay at the hotel. This a is constant seesaw where either the occupancy goes up or the revenue or average daily rate (ADR). It's as if they were directly proportional, but we learned that a new system was put into place allowing both of the numbers to go up. This was called yield management. In this method, it all about forecasting. Hotels have to use statistics and information from the past and behavior of the guest to forecast the occupancy for the future. This method is quiet useful because it's based on data. With this data, hotels can decide what rates of rooms should stay open and how many rooms they should overbook. It's better to make a decision based in data rather than nothing at all.

After class, I rushed over to dinner. To my surprise two of the TA's for my class showed up to the dinning all. They saw me and invited me to sit next to them and I did, even though it was a short period of time. I sat down next to Oren and Hannah was seated right next to him. He asked me how I was and we began to talk. He asked me if I was interested in the hotel school in Cornell and I replied by saying I was interested in the business aspect of the course. I also told him I was interested in medical as well but I wasn't sure how that would work if I were to pursue both. Oren and Hannah actually gave me great advice if I wanted to go to Cornell to study either one. They also told me that I could go the pre-med route but still take business courses. I was very thankful to have suck great TA's who cared about my well being as well as my aspirations.

After dinner, my cohort and I met in from of the dining hall, the RPCC. We wanted to take a picture with our new "Cornell Swag".  While we were taking pictures, I realized how good of a relationship all of us had together. We were so comfortable with each other and there were never moments of awkwardness. When we were all together the only atmosphere that surrounded us was laughter and fun. We took amazing photos (that hopefully Don approves).
"Yes indeed, we look very official!"
"I think we still look official!"
"Where am I looking? Its okay, Thao is there and
 the spotlight I will share!"

Today had another event that the summer program hosted. It wasn't much of an event but it was something that people went. They were giving out bubble tea in one of the dorms. We were all excited since we've hadn't had bubble tea in so long. We all waited until it was time to go and walked to the dorms where they were giving them. As we were approaching there, a load of students warned us not to go in because the boba was so terrible. But we had gone all that way and we were not going to return with nothing in our hands. We walked in and grabbed one of the cups neatly set on the table and drank it. Like the students said it was terrible. With the terrible and bitter taste in our mouths we walked back to the dorm so were could blog about how terrible the boba was!

Around 9:45 PM, Ithaca was going to have fireworks show for the Fourth of July. Why would they have fireworks for the Fourth of July on the first? Well, I'm not quiet entirely sure. Apparently the city council believed this day would be the best day to celebrate with the fireworks, which is coincidentally ironic because its also Canada Day!

Ithaca always seems to surprise me with its simplicity and its uniqueness. 
Cornell Pride


  1. They have fireworks on not-the-fourth-of-July to save money. Back in my day it was on July 3 or July 5. It used to be, and maybe still is true, that flares were sold and people were encouraged to go to the lake on the 4th. Everyone would light the flares and it was another way to celebrate. Obviously there is no risk of wildfires in Ithaca this year.

  2. Wow that sounds amazing. I wish I could have taken part of it! Maybe someday I will! Also, thank you for the clarification! I heard so many reasons to why they would have the fireworks on the first of July. For example, one student was convinced the reason was to "kill two birds with one stone" by having the fireworks show on Canada Day. In this way both nations could celebrate it's individual day together.