Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Classic Game of Chess

This morning I decided to skip breakfast and arrive in class first. I was not hungry and I was hastily studying for my quiz today. Knowing that it was going to be a simple one, I decided to begin future assignments. Before I knew it, my classmates began filing in and filling up the seats. I got to class so early that my group and I were able to sit in the front row. 

We began the day with our daily attendance and lecture. Afterwards, we immediately began our quiz and buckled down. We were told to clear our desks and to take out a writing utensil. The test was easier than I had expected. I guess staying up late at night studying pays off. At the end of the day I found out I had got a 26 out of 26. 

Lunch followed the quiz. Nick and I headed to our daily lunch spot, Trillium. Today I ordered spaghetti and meat sauce. As usual, the Trillium lunch swallowed my hunger. By the end of lunch, I was stuffed to the fullest and I was forced to wobble back to class. 

Upon our return, groups A and B split into two different classes. Being in group A, Mark gave us a second lecture on Excel. This time we were assigned to create a matrix of our hotel statistics. After Marks important lecture, we had two more guest lecturers. Their names were Heather and Karla, both work for the Cornell administration committee and were very informative today. Thanks to them, I now know the process and requirements for getting into Cornell.

The end of Karla's and Heather's presentation
We were soon dismissed for office hours. Office hours was really relaxing today, as we ran another simulation of our hotel in a game program named CHESS. Surprisingly, my final statistics were really good. In order to study our faults, my group and played the game multiple times. 

Dinner was at RPCC again. Due to another quiz tomorrow, my friends and I went to the computer lab in order to study. Excel was the title of our quiz, so we practiced everything we had learned in class today. We made very good progress, but decided to take a break and head back to our own dorms. I decided to split up with them and work alone and blog for the remainder of the evening. 

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