Sunday, July 5, 2015

Treating Myself to a Great Sunday

I've been part of many teams. Some of them include my soccer team, my waterpolo team, my school work groups. No matter what it team I was part of I learned to prove anyone could work in a team. It doesn't matter who one is or where they come from, all that matters is a common goal. I was lucky enough to experience being part of a team once more. 

I woke up from a loud knock on my door. I abruptly got up, thinking it was Thao outside. To my surprise it was my floor-mates Olivia and Grace. They were worried about the burning aroma in the halls. They asked if I had a flat iron on and told me what was happening. They said they knocked on a few doors to ask their neighbors, but no one answered. I walked outside and decided to observe it myself. The first step I took, a strong aroma of burning plastic or rubber hit me. My first response was to email our RA. I took my phone and emailed her, explain our concern. Grace and Olivia had to leave but I was going to remain there. I stayed in my room and waited until someone to answer. After some time Dierdre, my RA, came knocking on my door. She brought another RA with her. I told them what happened and we decided to investigate. Once again we knocked on all the doors asking if there were any hair irons left on and checked the bathroom, but we didn't find the cause of the problem. It wasn't until one of the RA's questioned if the smell came from the old vacuum down the hall. We knocked on Julie's door and asked if she had any hair irons on or used the vacuum. Luckily she did use the vacuum. It turned out that the vacuum would over heat and cause the burning smell. After the problem was resolved, the RA's thanked me for helping out and investigating with them. 

After that, I went back to living my regular Sunday self. As I closed the door, I realized this was going to be my last Sunday in Ithaca. I wasn't going to sit around and be a "couch potato", I was going to make the rest of my day the best I could, even if it meant spending alone. I knew before I could do anything I had to get myself ready. I went through my daily regiment and went on with my day. After I was ready, I went to lunch. Coming back from lunch, I was deciding what I could do to make this day worth while. Thao and my other friends were to busy studying for their test and I didn't want to take time away from their focuses on studying. I sat there and thought of all the thing I could do but I couldn't think of anything. There was no events that the summer college had that day. As I was getting ready for the optional office hours for my class for the day, I realized what I could do.

I decided after I finished my work at office hours I would go to college town. For my last Sunday I wanted to experience as much as I could. I went to office hours and finished my work quickly and efficiently. Since today's office hours were optional, most of the students didn't show up. The assignment was to talk about a service experience and what lessons it taught. I finished my work and went out to College Town. I went out to this Japanese place called Oishi Bowl and got frozen yogurt later on. Last of all I went to Insomnia Cookie. As I walked by myself, I though to myself how I could imagine myself living in the Cornell environment. I believe I could fit in the small friendly environment Cornell has. After College Town, I decided to take the long way back to the dorm rooms.

"I think I treated myself a bit to much..."

Waking back, I took in all the beauty the school had to offer. Not only did I observe the campus but I also observed it people and students. There was a point when I saw students studying on their laptops outside on this patio in one of the buildings. It was so quiet but I could imagine myself on the one of the table with my laptop studying as well. 

I closer to my dorm and right it front of me two friend coming from opposite directions connected with one another. Now this would not be that important but this was my third time seeing this happen on the same day. This me realized how close the students of Cornell was. I could definitely see myself here. 

I came back and decided to go to the International Movie Night they were having in the lounge. Today they were playing a Hindi movie. I went it turned out they were playing one of my favorite movies, 3 Idiots. During the movie night I even met another friend! 

Today was spent well. And I reflected a lot on my thoughts about Cornell. Now that I have spent two weeks in Cornell, I can see how amazing my life would be here. I'm not ready for it, but we are beginning the last week in our journey in Cornell, and I will not waste one second of it. 

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