Thursday, July 9, 2015

Quenching My Thirst for a Good Education

During class, we mainly worked on our final. Our final is a group report in the computerized stimulation of a hotel. My group and I have been preparing for this report for some time now. We wanted to have the best results. We ran the stimulation a few times manipulating different variables to see what would make a profitable hotel. We also started the report a few day prior just to have an outline for the report. 

Now that the day has come to complete the report. Students were hustling around the lab trying their best to finish as much as they could. While other groups went crazy over their content, my group and I were looking over the final formatting. I was very proud that my group had finished the content earlier in the day because it was easier for us to format the report and add in the figures and tables. This gave us more time to look over the minutia details. Before office hours was almost over, we were practically finished with the report. 

I was very proud of my group. The fact we were able to finish, far in advance was such an accomplishing feeling. Usually I am always cutting the deadline. I've never finished a paper so early before. I believe that the reason why we were so quick to finish is because my group and I work very well together. Over the past three weeks, we have gotten so close together. Our relationship together has shown that we have each others back. With this mutual trust, we have grown to work productively and efficiently together. Doing this group report has taught me a few things. I have definitely learned some great work ethics from my group members. For example, I have been exposed to a whole new system of organization when it comes to reports. This is something that I will practice when I get back and it is all thanks to my group mates who have shown me. 

When I was assigned to work in groups in high school, I ended up doing most of the work. I have spent countless nights working on presentations and reports because I couldn't depend on my group members to do their slice of work. Even when I try my best to guild them and make them understand, there will always be the occasional cases where, regardless of the guidance, they don't want to participate. But being in this group, I have experienced something that makes me more excited for college. Being in this group, has let me experiece the great aspects in a great education. Colleges like Cornell, have students who want to learn. There are student who want to strive to success and who are willing to work to any extent to do so. This is the type of environment that I wish my school could offer. This is the type of environment that I have worked so hard to get too. I am so thankful for the Ivy League Connections and what they have done for me. I have tasted what being in a great educational environment is like and I can not get enough. I only hope I can motivate and show my fellow classmates in Hercules High School that there are better opportunities out there for them to reach.

I don't want to leave and I hate to pack. But as I get to our final hours here in Ithaca, its time to get my things together. On the bright side, I cant wait to tell me peers what opportunities lie ahead of them. 
Packing my Bags!

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