Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Road to Recovery

Today's class continued our lecture on situationalism. After the lecture, we headed toward our section to have a fun activity. During the section, we combined our section with another section to perform the activity. Steve and Ethan, the two T.A.'s, believed that they had telepathic powers and wanted to test if their bond does hold true to their strong connection. They decided to test it out with cards, as Ethan pointed at a specific card and asked Steve if the card we chose was that one. It took awhile to finally figure our the pattern and flaw to their telepathic powers. After the section today, I quickly headed toward lunch, and then the seminar. 

For the last seminar, we had a guest speaker come in and share her experience with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Her name is Liz, and she has been sharing her story for 6-7 years. During this seminar, I learned the road to recovery for individuals who deal with mental illnesses. The results do not mean that the mental illness is gone, but rather under controlled. Liz is an artist and has a sense of humor. While listening to her story, we also watched a documentary that involved more individuals with mental illnesses living a normal life. They were seen to be happy with their families, and relieving stress by playing music or exercising. It was an honor to be able to meet Liz and her sister, and have my last seminar with a woman who has overcame so many challenges since her 20's.

I am replaying flashbacks right now. We only have a few more days left until we actually leave Cornell. I am going to miss everyone here, especially Reese, Lucy, Rachel, and Melissa. I will truly miss them, but we are motivated to still keep in touch by sending each other packages filled with love, friendship, and cool items. Thanks ILC for this amazing experience. 

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