Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Just the Beginning

I’ve known about Berkeley and Stanford all my life. My parents would plaster the bear and the tree all across the house to acknowledge that these were the two schools that I should aim for. The IVY League connections has opened my eyes to the many other schools outside of California.

I used to think that a school was just a place for learning. Of course, that was a major part, but there is a lot more to consider when it comes to choosing a college. I thought as long as I got to learn, I’d have a wonderful four years. My visits to different colleges through the IVY league has shown me that the weather, the surroundings and the atmosphere created by the students are also key variables to consider. My time in Ithaca made me realize that my next four years had to be in a place where I wouldn’t bake under the hot sun in the morning and swim to my dorm in the evening. I also found out that I’m a city person. Being a student leader in my school community, I’m eager to share my discoveries with others.

Speaking of sharing, I already see a lot of places where my newfound knowledge about business computing will come in handy. My mother owns a small store, and I’m sure she would greatly appreciate a set of beautiful business templates. In addition, as the Hercules Head Club Commissioner, I’m constantly staring at outdated and incorrectly formatted event proposals, minute’s forms and other club related paperwork. With my skills, I’ll be able to create new templates for the students to make their paperwork look more professional and elegant. In the three years the leadership class has been running, we have gone through several systems of management, each year trying out new ideas and scrapping old ones. My skills about management will also help the leadership classroom develop a more structured and efficient work force. Not only can this be applied to the small class, but I’m sure the thirty clubs on campus would like guidance about running a club. Every club president takes the role without any training about management. As a result, there are only two types of clubs on campus—those that do well, and those that have two members each week. By providing management lessons to clubs as a part of orientation, I’m sure the clubs at Hercules High will be much more efficient. I’ve got a lot of exciting plans for the school, so be prepared Hercules!

Aside from improving my school, attending the IVY League has brought a light to my community. Hercules High School and the West Contra Costa Unified School District has always been viewed as negatively. A disruptive incident years ago always seem to usurp the cover of the newspaper and determine what our schools are. The IVY League has provided students with the opportunity of representing these schools and showing the world what it really means to be a Titan or a WCCUSD Student.

All in all, this passion about giving back would not have existed without the ILC. Not only has this program supplied me with the knowledge to be able to give back to my community, but also the confidence. To juggle taking a college level course, adapting to a new environment and writing about my daily adventures is an achievement that says I can do anything. The past month was difficult, but it has made me more confident in myself. I am so grateful to be blessed with the opportunity of taking part in this program, and I’m certain that I’ll be able to bring back more than I’ve taken from the past month.

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