Friday, July 10, 2015

We Got Talent

The last day of class. Friday, July 10th, 2014. Three weeks at Cornell. It's all over.

Class today was kind of sad. We had our final test (I don't want to talk about it...) and then the final debate between the debate students and Cornell debaters. Long story short, the Cornell debaters absolutely creamed the class debaters. Absolutely pried them apart. Oyster, meet knife. 

The debate was fun though. It was about whether impoverished areas should transfer archived materials into online ones. Opening prop (Proposition was Cornell debaters) set the case up really nicely for themselves, setting it up so that everyone had access and the archived materials were still preserved. It was just really solid, and although there were holes (aka, copyright problems), opposition wasn't able to exploit them.

After class, I came back to my room and took my last shower. Then I met up with Sophie and Evan and we went to dinner and had a terrible time trying to open my mailbox to get the envelope to return my room keys. In the end, I had to go to RPCC and just get an envelope from them which was easier than expected. 

Then we went to the Talent Show and enjoyed all the unique performances. There was dancing, and singing, and even stand-up comedy. Stand-up comedy is not a hit with the teenage crowd, but they got a lot of support and and applause. 

We missed stargazing, but heard it was a lot of fun. Instead, Sophie took the game manhunt to a new level, and Evan and I were more than happy to play cupid in this love story that never panned out. 

We went and took a tour of Risley, set Evan and Ryan up on a date, played ping pong, frisbee, and ate potato chips. It was an eventful evening. 

I would have had photos from tonight, but my camera's lens got a fingerprint on it and was blurry so there is no photographic evidence of tonight's activities.

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