Friday, July 3, 2015

It's Friday!

I slept pretty late, formatting my report. I had to make sure that all the images were extracted from Excel and were placed in the word document with the correct formatting. It came down to the minutia details. There were many times where I was just having trouble overall with an images placement that I couldn't do anything but wait for the next day and ask the TA's for help. After a few hours of "hard core" formatting and editing, I went to sleep. I decided all of the things that I couldn't fix, I would just as the TA's to help me with the next day, since we had a little bit of class time to finish up our reports.

I woke up early in the morning and was determined to finish my report. I went to get breakfast and I drank a whole glass of disgusting coffee just to make sure I had the energy to survive through the day. When I got there, I quickly began to work. Although the TA's weren't present, there were other students who were willing to help me. Even in a time when every second counted, theses students were willing to take the time to help me and, in all honestly, I would do the exact same. For the past two weeks, all the students have bonded together. We have made such a family oriented community that we are not labeled by who we are, where we came from, or our name; we are labeled as one family. a "hotelie" family.

You may thing you are an enthusiastic person, while others
may perceive you to be loud.
Today we were blessed to have a guest speaker, Barbara Lang. She talked about what hospitality was and how it was more like a lifestyle. She had amazing stories and she was so involved in her community and giving back. She was inspiring person. The fact that even through all her hardships, she always overcame them and went out of her way to help others. I admired how she perceived certain things and tried teaching us people have different perception of people. I loved her thoughts about achieving certain goals. Shes asked "if you want to get from point A to point B, how are you going to get there?" This really opened my eyes because I know for me to achieve my goals I will need a plan and I need to know how to execute it. She stressed the need for a plan and also making life worth something. Something that really resonated with me was when she said that she didn't to live a life where she asked "what if". The "what if" is possibility of missing out of an amazing opportunity. We should be accepting opportunities to progress in life and reach the goals we want to pursue.

After the guests speaker, we went back to the lab and work on our project. Since the guest speaker ended a little later, our professors gave us extra time to turn it in. During the next next few hours, I tried my best to make sure everything was placed perfectly and formatted well. As soon as I turned it in I was so relieved. It was like heavy baggage was lifted from my shoulders. I had accomplished this report. I had overcome this obstacle and this has prepared me for the next.    

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