Thursday, July 9, 2015

"What is that?" - Jesus

The life of a college student. I don't know what that would be like though. There are actually two college students in my debate class, which I didn't even know until this past week. They seemed like two normal guys and then -BAM-, aliens. It's always aliens. 

Today in debate class, let's see. Rodney had the winners of the past two debates debate for the "top debater" kind of thing, and then we went to the library for a presentation, but more on that in a second. 

The eight selected victims debated on a long resolution (that I never got a chance to write down, sadly) about taking away liberal arts studies in high schools in areas of poor residents, in exchange for vocational education. The debate was good, bad, and in between at points. The loudest, most impressive speaker in the debate had a hilarious speech about why liberal arts was useless, and he didn't take any POI's (points of information) during his speech, because he made crazy claims and just rolled with it. It was hilarious.

That was the best part of the debate for me, or at least the most entertaining. The great (or bad..) thing about debate however, is that the next speaker needs to attack all his (crazy) points or else he gets the benefit. So it's really on the next team to make sure his crazy ideas get refuted or rebutted!

In the end, Opening Proposition and Closing Opposition won the debate, so they get to debate a few college kids tomorrow which will be fun. For them. They may not be that excited though. Oh well.

After the debate, Rodney took us to the closest library where we got to see information about Ulysses. We heard a brief introduction, then got to examine a first edition book (which is worth thousands of dollars) and love letters written by the author. 
First Edition, one of 1,000 printed

Information about Ulysses 
Now after class, at around 3:00 PM, it was pouring rain. I was debating whether or not to try to wait it out, or just get soaking wet, so I checked my phone for a radar picture. The radar picture encouraged me to leave immediately, as the green blob of rain was passing through, being followed by yellow and red just a few miles away. Of course this had to happen as soon as class was just over, but I like to think it's just Cornell trying to make this last week as trying as possible for the students. 

After arriving at my dorm, dripping like a drowning cat, I had time to change before going to go get dinner. Ultimate frisbee was not cancelled tonight, even though it was raining, and the field was soaked. I don't mind, but it wasn't the ideal frisbee condition. I met up with Adam, the RA, and we walked to Appel Field. We were soon joined by five other brave souls, and we split into teams of 3 and 4. (Adam, Evan, and myself on one team, and the rest on the other team.) During the whole frisbee game it was raining and windy, by the way. Although my team was down 5-1 in the beginning of the game, we won 17-12 at the end. Muahahaha. I was also the only one who had cleats on, so I was the only one who had any traction on the wet grass. I'm always prepared. Prepared for anything. Aliens. Or anything. 

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