Thursday, July 9, 2015

Our Time Here is Coming to an End

Clock tower surrounded by fog
Our second to last day was today. Did it phase our class? Not at all. We continued to work hard even though our last day was tomorrow. Even tomorrow, on our last day, we will be in class ready to learn and prepare to wrap things up.

Just like every other morning, I woke up to the chime of my 6:30 A.M alarm clock. As I got ready for class, I realized that today was the day our report had to be started and almost finished. I arrived to class on time and was greeted by Brittney, my group mate. Sadly, Alex was getting surgery on his arm so we only had two people in our group instead of the usual four. Being short handed, Brittney and I knew that we had to work over time.

We began the day with office hours which led into lunch. During lunch I met Janna, the associate director. Janna was an amazing woman. Since I was with Shanti, Julie, and Chan-Law as well, we were able to share many stories and also answer all of her questions pertaining to the program. However, since we had a short lunch, our conversation ended sooner than we would have liked it to be.

Stairwell leading to downtown College Town
Everyone took their seats as we arrived back in class. The next hour consisted of videos about personality skills and how one reacts when working with people with different personalities than him or her.

The class went to work again as we went back into the computer labs. For the next few hours, Brittney and I cranked out as much work as we could. We both decided to take a dinner break and continue working at RPCC. Since it was close to the end of the program, a group of friends and I went out to have sushi. Many laughs and stories were exchanged. My favorite part was when we had to walk all the way back to North Campus from College Town in the rain.

As planned, Brittney and I met up to finish as much of our report as possible. Due to night check-in and the computer lab closing, we were forced to stop working. To make sure we complete our assignment tomorrow, we agreed to meet early in the computer labs.

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