Thursday, July 2, 2015

Canoeing at Cornell

Class today revolved around happiness, and how to be happy. We did a quick debrief about the movie yesterday, discussing about our favorite parts and what parts we already knew from our studies. On to our topic today, we talked about the principles to be happy such as, embracing action, focusing on experiences than possessions, and arranging experiences in the peak-end rule. We have always been reminded that we regret not doing something than when we actually embrace action. This is true on the long term, yet regrettable actions affect us on a short term scale. An example of embracing action is to participate in a sport, which increases self-esteem. It is important for us to focus more on our experiences than our materialistic possessions because experiences are less comparable. I can talk about my personal experiences from Cornell, and another individual can talk about their summer experience. We are able to tell each other our memorable tales. We are able to build a strong connection. But, we will not be comparing our experiences because our memories are something that can not be bought, but gained. And lastly, having a fun, lasting memory about an event will be remembered in a better light. We continued to go further into detail about experiences and possessions until class ended. At the section, we did a quick review for the quiz on Monday and we left for lunch.

Melissa, Lucy, and I
After lunch, I went to the Cornell bookstore with Lucy and then we headed home after she took her passport picture, It was a good forty minutes until she was finished but during that time I was buying souvenirs for my friends and family. It was a productive day. After heading toward the dormitory, Melissa asked me if I wanted to go canoeing with the hiking club. I immediately agreed because I really wanted to experience canoeing for the first time at Cornell. We canoed near the gorge, and it was beautiful. I enjoyed canoeing with Melissa and Lucy, who joined us after I asked. It took us a while for us  to go around the lake, but it was worth it. I enjoyed the scenery and the exercise. At dinner, I ate ice cream like a champ because I deserved it after working out on the lake. 

My experiences have been growing and growing, and I can't wait to make more. I can't believe canoeing with my two friends have left me a greater satisfaction for today. I can't wait to go to many more clubs this week. 

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