Sunday, July 5, 2015

Increment Theory, Let's Do This!

It's the last Sunday before we leave Cornell. It has been a pretty sad week for me, while I have been saying the words: "I will miss you," to everyone. It will finally be the last week tomorrow, finally, but putting aside the emotions inside me I had to study for the test. I have been trying to think positively about the quiz, using what I learned on Monday to my advantage. The increment theory of intelligence mentions that intelligence can increase by learning, and that is what I am doing. As I am studying for the day, I had time to eat breakfast with Reese, Joe, Lucy, Melissa, and Rachel. To be honest, since this was going to be my last Sunday breakfast I decided to branch out of the usual line to the cereal isle. It has been my first time actually getting a bowl of cereal for breakfast, and the most satisfying moment of eating cereal is drinking the leftover milk. I really like that part when I eat the cereal because the milk upgraded into a sweet concoction. After a few hours, lunch came, and then dinner. 

Dinner today was packed, and I mean it. There was a section that was separated, and it was weird. It was difficult to find a table to fit about ten people, but we found one round table and just added chairs to accommodate those eating with us. I was particularly happy today to be eating dinner with Shanti because she bought me a Insomnia cookie today that was delicious. It was nice of her to buy me a special treat to eat for dinner, and I was energized to continue studying for the quiz.

For the quiz tomorrow, I will have a positive mindset when going in. Apparently, there are going to be some people who will be watching our class so I must participate in class. There have been times when I don't know what to say, but I don't know why I should be intimidated by the others to raise my hand and be wrong. I think that is my goal tomorrow, to contribute more into the class because sharing my opinions in class will strengthen my speaking skills and my confident skills. 

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