Monday, July 6, 2015

The College of Human Ecology

Today in class, we learned about the evolutionary theory of psychology. One thing that I learned today was the different attributes males and females look for when choosing a mate. Women tend to look for resources in a man because it shows an increase of survival for the young. On the other hand, men choose their partner based on a woman's physical appearance. Females maximize reproduction by being choosy when picking a suitable partner that will provide resources to her offspring. Males are not choosy and tend to like a variety of partners. After our class, we quickly headed to our sections to do the quiz. I was doing a quick review before the actual quiz, and I spent the entire 75 minutes finishing up the quiz. It was exactly 12:45 PM when I met Lucy in front of Uris Hall, and we quickly headed to Trillium to get a bite to eat. Reese was not with us when we got lunch because he headed to Martin Van Rensselaer Hall to attend the Human Ecology info session. He invited us to join him and we decided to go and see what this session had to offer. While we quickly walk over to the hall, we get lost trying to find room 170. We had to ask different people to get to our destination. Once we found the room, I was nervous to go in. I thought that the info session already started, so I began to fear the worst outcomes. Luckily I had Lucy who quickly went in and brought me into the room as well. The info session didn't start, as we saw Reese at the couch waiting patiently. Once the session started, I didn't know what to do or expect. 

Bernadette Soto Parr greeted us when we entered the conference room. In the beginning, she gave us an overview of the College of Human Ecology. After the brief introduction, we went around the room sharing where we came from, what we want to major in, and why. I never really thought about majoring in human ecology into today. Maybe it was because I never really had any knowledge of psychology that drew me in. When we were discussing what we wanted to major in, and why, I learned a few more things about Lucy and Reese; primarily why they wanted to major in psychology. A major part of it was due to influential moments of their lives in which they had to adapt to their new surroundings. During this info session I learned that the College of Human Ecology does not require a SAT subject test. I also learned about the numerous programs offered in the school and a bit study abroad programs. To anyone who is interested in studying in human ecology, this website will help:

After the info session, the three of us went back to our dorms and then reunited at dinner. I sat with the usual crew at dinner, and afterwards, I went home to start on my paper due on Wednesday. For my paper, I'm focusing on over-sexualization in social media; a topic that has influenced me during my time at Brown University. In class today, I didn't see anyone guests arrive but they will be coming tomorrow. I hope my paper shows the passion that I truly have for this topic, about the effects of social media. I will be putting a lot of effort, so I hope Steve likes it. I can't wait to for tomorrow. 

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