Friday, July 3, 2015

A Special Visit from a Special Someone

Class did not start until nine today. However, eager to complete my report and print it out, I began my day at seven. Two hours early was still not early enough to finish everything. Before I let the project be my main concern, I ate a healthy breakfast consisting of bananas and oranges. After recharging, I headed to Statler Hall for class.

The dispersion of all the students after Barbara's amazing speech
Being the only program with a half day of class, many of us were not too excited. However, seeing someone new at the front of class surprised many of us. Barbara Lang. Barbara has had 61 previous jobs. She is a very energetic and passionate woman who taught us to live everyday to the fullest. Also, we were informed that by giving them a hello, or a friendly compliment, can make someone's bad day into a positive one. Barbara is amazing and her words can influence many people to make better decisions in our world. 

After our special guest, everyone returned to work. The plan was to complete your report, bring it to Mark for corrections, and fix them. After completing Mark's request, you are allowed to turn your final report to Reneta. Since I was efficient the day before and this morning, I was one of the first ones to be able to turn in my final project. Handing over my report to Reneta felt like heaven. Finally, I was finished and could go back to the dorms. However, instead of going back immediately, I stayed with my group mates and friends to help them finish their project. 

By 2:00, mostly everyone had completed their reports. To celebrate, we went down to College Town and ate, shopped, and ate some more. Returning back so early to North Campus felt different. With a lot of extra spare time on my hands, Justice, Helen, and I played frisbee and caught up with one another. After an hour or so, Helen decided to get some rest and Justice and I went to play basketball. Basketball was fun because we won all three games against tall, athletic, young men. It is either we have some true skill or we are really lucky. 

After our daily workout, we decided to head to RPCC for dinner. Here we met up with Nick, Gaby, Coco, Gilbert, and Angel. With much conversation and laughter, everyone was able to lighten up one another. Since we finished our meals so fast, we decided to all hang out at College Town once again. Since Coco and Angel are from China and are not used to the campus, we showed them around College Town and bought them cookies, boba, and Indian food. Knowing that they would have memories and moments to share when they returned made me feel proud about myself. Eventually, everyone split up and returned back to their dorms separately. Both Nick and I stuck together to eat a few snacks at 7-eleven. Due to the time, we ended up walking back and chilling in my room. 

Today was very productive and fun. It consisted of laughter, surprises, and hard work. The recipe for success!

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