Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cracking Cornell Down!

Today in class, we were given another opportunity to work on Excel. Excel is very difficult to work with but with a little more practice I think I can get it. We worked on how certain statements or commands could help make a chart or expense spreadsheet. Today was specifically worked on Transient Matrices, which are made to see how much the hotel is making/loosing when walking guests to another hotel due to overbooking. From there we had lunch, where I spent my time getting a quick snack and heading to the book store to get my sisters some "Cornell Swag". When all the student came back we prepared ourselves for the guest speaker of the day!
Heather Fortenberry
Being in the Hotel Management Course, I haven't had much of an opportunity to participate in some of the summer college events. For example, going to the mall, going to Seneca Falls, and or going swimming to Buttermilk Falls. The one event that I wanted to go to, but missed, was the admission information session. Today, fortunately, the Hotel Management Class had a Cornell's admission adviser visit. Heather Fortenberry gave a presentation about the Hotel School in Cornell. They educated us about Cornell's culture and the admission process. 

The hotel school in Cornell is one of the best schools for hospitality in the world. Some students don't know that students can get a dual degree for hospitality and business. Therefore students who are interested are in the hospitality can still get a degree for business. This all ties in with their ideal that they want students to really expand their knowledge in any way possible. Although she came to talk to us about the Hotel School. She told us that if we were not interested in the Hotel School, Cornell offers seven different schools with different concentrations. For example although they don't have a school careered to medicine, they do give the students the option to study that field as a concentration under a different school. This is definitely one of the great aspects schools like Cornell offer because students can expand their knowledge and experience to different fields that they are interested in. I know that their Hotel School is an amazing school but I'm more interested in the business aspect rather than hospitality. If I were to apply to Cornell, I can pursue the dual degree and get two degrees instead of the one. 

I learned a lot about Cornell's application and what advisers are looking for in the application. Its not based on one test and its not based on transcripts alone. The advisers look at the application as a whole. I also learned about some of their requirements to apply for the school. For example most student didn't know that Cornell requires students to have taken four years of math in college as well as a year of chemistry in high school. Today gave me great incite about the school and important information about getting in the school. I was so glad to have had Heather Fortenberry come to our class and enlighten us.

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