Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Casino Hotels or Hotel Casinos?

I decided to sleep in a little later than usual, because I knew that I had a long couple of days ahead of me. I woke up to still have time to study for my second Excel quiz for the year. I ran to RPCC and grabbed a banana and began my long walk to Statler Hotel.

As I entered Statler, I ran into Nick. Both of us began quizzing one another and gave tips on what we were missing on each others notes. Class began as usual, but instead of starting with a quiz, we had a lecture. This mornings lecture was a quick over view of Excel. Mark kept on hinting to us that our second Excel quiz was waiting for us later in the day.

Mark instructing us on how to play Blackjack
Group A went to the computer labs, while Group B stayed in the classroom. Being in Group A, I was hastily flipping through all my notes trying to memorize everything. As we took our seats, Mark told us it was an open note quiz and that we needed to relax. Hearing that it was open notes comforted me. As I began the quiz I was puzzled as I saw the first question. On the screen it read, "Click who was a better instructor, Mark or Reneta." The class burst out laughing, realizing that there was no quiz and we all had been tricked. With the new knowledge that we had, before Group B entered the lab, we fibbed saying that we had to write a long essay and fill out an entire Excel sheet.

Lunch followed the computer lab "quiz". Nick and I walked over to Trillium and were the first in line. Being early does pay off. With plenty of spare time now, we were able to pace ourselves while eating and walking back.

After lunch, both groups switched classes. Now in Reneta's class, we sat back and watched a couple of videos on hotel employees sharing their experiences. Later, Group B joined the rest of class. Once the videos finished, Mark and Reneta pulled up a slide saying Casino Hotels or Hotel Casinos. The next lecture was based on famous hotels that incorporated the casino business into their hotels. Also, at the end of class, Mark and Reneta taught us how to play Blackjack and Craps, not because it was fun, but to inform us on why the "house", or casino, has a better chance of winning than their patrons.

Saigon Kitchen
Office hours consisted of two hours of hard work. With a long report due on Friday, everyone was running around trying to get as much work done as possible. Thankfully, tomorrow is dedicated to just report work. My group and I were able to get most of the content and graphs complete.

With our trip coming to an end, Chan-Law decided to take us out for our last dinner. We went out to a pho place named Saigon Kitchen. The food was amazing and my cohort and I were able to make more memories and share another great moment with one another.

With a long day starting tomorrow, my floor and I decided to put our casino skills to work. What started off as four of us playing, ended up with eight people playing and five more watching. Throughout the game I was neither winning or losing, which is not too bad in my opinion. Tonight I was able to meet many floor mates of mine and got to connect with them. Now that all the relaxing is over, it is time for the hard work to start tomorrow the moment I wake up.

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