Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Diving Deeper on a Piece of Paper

Today in class, we continued the lecture on evolutionary psychology. After finishing that powerpoint we quickly dove into situationism. In this topic, Professor Gilovich showed us videos where individuals followed those around them because of the situation. We watched a video where there was an individual in an elevator who stood looking out towards the people. Then, there were four participants who then entered the elevator facing the metal wall. The individual, also known as the odd one out, then felt pressured to face the metal wall. It was amusing to see how easy it was for people to conform to society and do what the people around them are doing. In addition to the test, the participants even faced all four directions to show the audience how ridiculous this actually is. In another video, we watched a participant's reaction during the Milgram experiment. Milgram's experiment required a "student" and a "teacher." The student had to memorize different pairs of words, and if they said the incorrect answer, they would get shocked--15 V increase for every wrong answer until reaching 450 V. The teacher experienced being shocked at 45 V, and once the teacher felt the flow of shocking the student there was no going back. The teacher in the video consistently refused to shock the student, but as the scientist urged him to do so, he continued the experiment. It was obvious that the teacher in the situation was nervous about the student, as the shocks continued to increase into 400 V's. Due to the situation, the teacher carried our the procedure until the end, feeling anxious throughout the experiment. After this video, we headed toward our sections. During the section, we talked about the paper due tomorrow. There was a lot of questions asked, and I gained further information for edits. After lunch, I headed to my dorm to wait for the seminar. 
For the seminar, we had a fun arts and crafts day. It was a fun way for me to relax and spend use my mind on something more enjoyable. 

I enjoyed my time in the seminar today because it made me realize what my dreams and aspirations are. I was able to learn more about Lucy through her poster, and I can't wait for tomorrow. 

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