Sunday, July 12, 2015

What Cornell Means to Me

The Beginning...
My school district is not as wealthy as I'd wish it could be. Compared to other school districts, we lack on almost everything when it comes to school essentials. Being a student from this particular school district, I find myself, at times, with no hope or faith in the school system. While other schools have funds to buy new technology for their students, my school still struggles teaching with the outdated books. I am not blaming the school district, nor the administration for the financial state they are in, but I am simply speaking out for my fellow peers who have to try extra hard with the insufficient resources we have. 

From the three weeks of being at Cornell, I have extracted so much information about college life and have learned so much about myself. All that I have learned was based on a raw lively experience that my school could never really offer me. Being part of the Cornell community has given me the fuel to ignite the light that will motivate me and carry me on for the rest of my educational career. Some may as why? I would simply reply that Cornell has brought me the hope that there is such a thing of seeking a higher and better education. It taught me that anything is possible, regardless of who one might be. 

The Gorges!
At the beginning, I was a little skeptical about the Cornell Campus. I wasn't sure why but I wasn't comfortable. Maybe it was due to me missing home or maybe it was because I had to walk 15 minutes to my class in the rain. But as soon as the school schedule sunk in, I began to fall in love with the campus around me. I stopped missing my family and started to absorb the Cornell community and its beauty. I didn't mind the long walks, in facts I found myself talking the scenic route to almost most of my destinations. This made me realize that no matter where I might go to college, I will always experience uncomfortably. But regardless of being uncomfortable, I know I will love it as soon as I take in the beauty of the college.   

At times when I was uncomfortable and felt unfamiliar of the place, I tended to lean to my cohort. I would hang out with them at the beginning. It didn't occur to me how much I needed to push myself to make new friends until one day I was about to eat dinner alone. I didn't have my cohort to lean on because they were all busy, I had only myself. As I stood there looking for a spot to eat, I knew I had to be independent and take charge of the situation. Therefore, I walked up to a group of my classmates and sat next to them. From this I realized that I do have the capability of making new friends. I realized I had the capability of familiarizing and integrating myself into a new community and environment.

Aside from what I learned from the Cornell community, I learned so much from my course itself. I realized that there is a hospitably aspect in business. Being part of this class and having great professors, really motivated me to work in the most diligent way. I don't think I've been in a class has worked me so hard. I think what interested me the most about the class, was the real life application of what we learned. I loved all the business computing and all the business aspects that tied in with the Hospitality Industry. It really opened my eyes of what I may or may not be interested in college. Most importantly I treasure the one-on-one contact I had with all the professors, all the TA's and my fellow peers. I made relationships that I only hope will last for a long time. 
Our Outstanding Class!
Being part of the summer college has made me realize a variety of things. It made me realize how important it meant to be independent and social. It motivated me to have hope and strive for a better education. I believe I am a more focused and dedicated student. I am so appreciative for those who have allowed me to become the new person that I am proud to be.

If someone were to ask me what Cornell meant to me, I would say it meant family. Through Cornell I have met and connected with so many people. I have learned so much through living on the campus and taking one of the most rigorous courses offered. I have fallen in love with the beautiful campus enough to call it my home. The community that surrounds Cornell is the most loving and friendly community that I've taken part of. The Cornell community is like a family. Within this family is nothing less of what a really family is. It full of heart, generosity, and love.

I will miss Cornell and only hope that I will come and visit it again. Maybe I can visit it a little bit sooner than later!
The End.

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