Friday, July 10, 2015

Trying to Lighten Things Up.

We had our final today. I woke up really early to continue studying and soon studied with Reese and Lucy. We were all very nervous, and didn't think that we passed the test. After the exam, we went back to the lecture where we said our last goodbyes to Dr. Gilovich. It was fun being in his class, and I loved being able to think of a situation and correlate theories to it. After leaving to go to lunch, we were all hit by a sense of nostalgia.

At lunch, I teared up a bit. My eyes were watering a bit as I realized that Rachel will be leaving at 5 PM today. It was sad to know that a part of our group was leaving, and will be across the globe. To commemorate the last moments, Reese, Lucy, Shanti, Melissa, and I attended her design exhibition and took very delightful pictures. We had our last hugs, and when we said our goodbyes, I couldn't really continue. It was like a dramatic romantic movie when the lovers were separated because of some external force, I just didn't want her to leave so early. As the day went on, I realized that all of us will be going home tomorrow. 

To lighten things up, the five of us went to eat at a sushi restaurant and ate Insomnia cookies. Afterwards, we headed to the Biotechnology building to watch the talent show. I really enjoyed the talent show, but I wish it involved longer acts than quick ones. I stood up in the back and had my moments of dancing and clapping to each individual performance. My favorite part was watching everyone go up there and show off their talent. At the end of it all, the five of us headed back to North Campus and went home to continue packing and cleaning. As I was cleaning my room, I realized the reality of it. I know it's cliche, but it's true to be thinking that time flies. I'm still a bit anxious about my test, but what made my day was the comment from my T.A., Steve. He mentioned about how pleasurable it was to have me in class as I was very enthusiastic during sections. I felt touched and realized that I did a good job for being enthusiastic in our discussions. 

We will be leaving in a couple of hours, saying our goodbyes, and crying our eyes out. I experience something that I would have probably not have experienced if I was in a different ILC program, or Cornell Summer Program course. I'm glad that I took my chance in psychology, and I can't wait to see what the next year cohort will be. 
Talent Show Participants

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