Friday, July 10, 2015

Where Do I Begin...

I've been sitting at my desk contemplating for the longest time about what to write for the blog. Its not like I haven't blogged before or didn't have anything to talk about, it was the fact I didn't know where to start. I have been here for the past three weeks taking on this new lifestyle. I have gotten used to eating most of my meals at the RPCC, going to class from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and living in a dorm independently. How can I write about the day when I leave this new Cornell lifestyle and return to my old one. 

Being at Cornell has taught me a variety of things that will change how I will live, think, and am for the better. To start off I've picked up so much information about how students live when taking a rigorous course. I've gotten a sense of what living independent means and having to rely on only yourself to finish tasks. I have become a person who is more out going, enthusiastic and motivated overall. Overall being at Cornell has taught me that there is a better education that I can pursue. 

Not having a roommate has definitely shaped me for the better. To elaborate, I am the "messy" one in my house, or at least my family likes to match me with this characteristic. To some extent I can agree. There will be times, during the year, when I am backed up with club events, sport's practices and homework, I tend to leave messes at in my room. But this all ties in with my experiences in Cornell, because living on my own has pushed me to really exercise my time management skills. Through this experience, I was able to keep a constant balance between school, work, and home life. I was able to plan out time to clean my room, blog, and do homework. In addition, I realized the importance of keeping track of a constant schedule. Certain habits like making lists and having a planner are just some of the ways that got me through the three weeks organized and kept together. 

Being in this program, has made me a better student and friend. When the program started, I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to socialize and be friends with anyone. Attending one of the hardest courses in the program, I knew that most of my time would be allotted to working on endless assignments and projects. This was quiet true for sometime, but as I got comfortable with my schedule I found loop holes of time to socialize. For example during lunch or dinner, I would sit next to new people or sit next to my floor mates to get to know them better. From how I was in the beginning of summer college and now I see a huge difference. Back then I would stick within my cohort when it came to leisure time but now I have dinner with my new friends who come from all around the world to different restaurants. For example today, my friends and I went to dinner in college town to this Japanese restaurant called Plum Tree. 
"Turn on the Lights"
This summer college experience not only helped me with my social skills, but also helped me to become a better student. From working with my classmates very closely for three weeks, I have improved my work ethic. In addition being part of this fast pace course has really shown me what having a great education means. Most students don't understand that their is always an opportunity to better their knowledge. This knowledge can come from a school, a certain experience, or even a job. 
I want to show my peers that having motivation is one of the key necessities to succeed. If there is no motivation behind a goal, there is a slim chance of it being achieved. For me to get the best opportunities in life and a great education, I would have to be motivated and I only hope that my fellow peers, with my guidance, will understand this too.
Board Autographed by the Whole Class

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