Friday, July 3, 2015

Journey to the Center of the Earth... a book by Jules Verne. I haven't read it but that vacation sounds really intense.

Some days there just isn't going to be that much to tell you readers about. I could talk to you about walking to breakfast or showering but that would bore me just as much as it would bore you. Today was the day off everyone has, so it really is more like the day for homework for me.
All I did all  day.

I've been working on my debate assignment all day, which is writing an affirmative case for a policy debate. It's a lot of research and reading. At one point I took a short break and went to throw a frisbee for 20 minutes, but other than that there hasn't been much to blog to you guys about.

Hopefully this one short post will be made up for by tomorrow's blog post, because tomorrow we are all (the cohort) going to Niagara Falls.

Thanks for reading, it's much appreciated.

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