Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Day of Firsts!

Today was a great day. It a day of firsts. But before I get into those details, I'd like to talk about what happened in class today. Today in class we learned more about Excel. In this sense we learned more about computing as well as the formatting functions. Some of the function we learned, are for computing revenue as well as variable costs of a business. I'm excited to bring my knowledge back to my parents and help them with their business. Not only do I want to help my parents, but I was want to teach my peers the correct way of using Microsoft Offices because I more than 99.99% that my peers aren't using the correct functions for each application. 

For most of the class time, we worked on our final reports. The final report is a hotel analysis on a computerized hotel stimulation. We are suppose to write about what certain aspects of the hotel worked and what didn't. We are also suppose to find ways that would help us increase revenue by comparing data with others. As I was looking at my data, I saw a few things that I could improve. These things all were tied with lowing my variable costs as well as having a better strategic plan for the hotel stimulation. 

Today office hours were from 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM. Usually its from 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM, but they made it optional to stay till 9:00 PM which was what more than 90% of the class of almost eighty students did. I was really thankful because we had all of the six TA's there to help us. Therefore if I had any question about the report of the formatting of the Excel spreadsheet they would help me. Since the office hours was till 9:00 PM, I was more than positive I was going to miss dinner, but  group of us decided to go to dinner at College Town since it was closer than the dining hall. 

I went to College Town and walked around. I wasn't sure what I wanted, so I went to this Japanese Restaurant with my friend and group-mate, Amanda, and got some food there. It was delicious most because we were both hungry and needed some energy to fuel us for the rest of the night. To add on it was my first time eating Japanese food and it was amazing good. Not only was it my first time eating Japanese food, but it was my first time eating at the one and only famous Insomnia Cookie! Today was a day of firsts! Coming back I was pumped with energy, just enough to come back to the lab and work! 

Julie and I left the lab at 9:10 PM and paced our way to the dorms to finish up our report. Unfortunately I have to get back to editing my paper, but it will be a masterpiece. But I can't wait till tomorrow because we have a special guest speaker! 
Julie and I were so ready to go back to the dorms after 9:00 PM.

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