Thursday, July 2, 2015

Report Report Report!

Waking, showering, brushing my teeth. The usual things I perform each and every morning. It has become a routine. However, doing things the same way is not what I enjoy doing. Therefore, to make things interesting, I did my daily morning routine out of order. I even got to exercise and work out.

Walking to the RPCC, I called my friend Nick. No answer. As I entered the front doors, I realized he had asked me to bring him food because he was going to have no time to get breakfast himself. Being the good friend that I am, I got him a banana and muffin after my hearty meal.

We arrived at Statler Hall on time and were able to get seats directly in the middle. Not the best seats, but they were much better than the far back seats. Today was already Thursday? No possible way! However, time flies when having fun. Today was another day of mixing fun and hard work. However, the classes fun ended midday and our hard work still has not ended.

Being dismissed from our first lecture, we were informed by Mark to go to lunch with someone new. In doing so, he paired one group with another. My group, 8A, was paired with group 3B. Group 3B was amazing. The first person I met was Naz. Born and raised in Southern California, she caught my attention when she informed us that she was Persian. Also, the fact that she lived only a couple of hours away made me more interested. The second group member I met with was Gaby. Gaby was born in New Jersey and still lives there today. She loves running and enjoys the outdoors. Just like me, Gaby is a rising Junior and is involved with her community. The last member was very different. Different in a very good way. His name is Taiga. Taiga and I are really good friends now. He was born in Hiroshima and he told me many stories about the radiation and how his parents moved in after the Atomic bombing. Taiga is a rising Senior and speaks Japanese fluently. A very interesting similarity that we both share is that we both play the clarinet. Taiga even taught me a few Japanese phrases! Spending lunch with a new group was a great idea on Mark's part, but being an ILCer, my plan each and everyday is to meet new people.

One of many tables for our report
After returning from lunch, the hard work began. It was non-stop computer work. With a major project due tomorrow at 11:30 A.M, everyone was hard at work. By the time six hit the clock, everyone was still diligently hard at work. Everyone took a small dinner break, but was back in their seats within 15 minutes. "Alright guys, we are shutting down the computer lab in five minutes," said our TA Hannah. What time was it? 9:00 P.M and everyone still had not left! The shutting down of the Statler Hall computer lab did not stop the hard working students there. Instead, we all migrated to the RPCC computer lab that did not close until eleven. Luckily, I was able to finish most of my seven page report on our hotel within the office hours. Spending a little time in RPCC, I edited and printed my report and Excel sheet.  Today was spent all day on working and not relaxing. However, the hard work will pay off in the end. It always does.

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