Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Lawn is Nature Under Totalitarian Rule - Michael Pollan

The classic weekday routine once again repeated itself. Homework and studying in the morning, followed by lunch, followed by class. I'm sure you readers know my routine just as well as I do.

Class today was just us watching a full debate on YouTube and analyzing the speakers and how well they did. They were debating whether or not organized religion should be banned, and they were good. There were examples being thrown out everywhere, and each speaker got so involved in the case it was intense. In the end, we agreed that opening proposition definitely was first, because their arguments were strong, they set the debate up well, and they had the most substance to work with.

The debate was about an hour long, but over all we talked for an hour so class time went by quickly. After class, (say it with me), I went back to my dorm room to study and do homework.
Then I met with Thao to walk to Collegetown where we met with Chan-Law and the rest of the cohort for our dinner together. We went to another Pho noodle place, and it was pretty good. Sorry I don't have any food photos, I know that's what you readers are all interested in. During dinner Chan-Law went over the travel details for Saturday, which is going to be a hectic, long day for sure. We're leaving our rooms at 8:30 AM, taking the bus or a taxi to Statler Hotel, then going for lunch, then heading to the airport. Our first flight is to Chicago, where we change planes for a flight to San Francisco. We arrive at midnight. I'm going to be exhausted.

This evening I was walking around with Thao and Melvin (it's a nickname, she is female) and we walked up to the basketball courts, and then the soccer fields. Melvin was carrying around a box of Trix cereal for no apparent reason. That's it. Fun story, right?
Smelling the Trix

Growing Trix  Trees

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