Monday, July 6, 2015

The Yuck in Hotels!

Something that I always believed in was serving the community. That's why I joined the Interact Club during my freshman year. Within this club, I realized how much I loved giving back to my community. With every community events and coastal clean-up, my community service went from a leisure activity to a necessity. I bring this up because today in class, Mr.McCarthy asked us a question. This question was about the spontaneous service we did, to show our hospitality to others. He asked us,"What did the people you all helped looked like?" Most of us said they we helped were "nice" or "kind". It didn't occur to us what Mr.McCarthy was headed toward. After five minutes of guessing, he stopped us and said "You guys helped people that looked like you." After a few moments had past, we understood what he meant. He made me realize that when we service others we often only serve those who we are comfortable with. I came to an understanding that there is more to than just volunteering at the local crab feed or coastal clean up. There is more ways to be involved and there are so many people who need assistance. This motivated me to show my fellow classmates to branch out and help others.

We had two guest speakers today for the first part of the class. They were both very high ranking managers in successful hotels in Ithaca. The point of their presence in the class was to show us what managing a hotel was really like. They were very descriptive about the minuscule details that all entail in managing a hotel. They talked about managers want to succeed and what aspect of the industry are important. 

After the guest speaker, we watched a very intriguing video on room cleanliness. This video made me rethink staying at hotels, overall. It was a documentary about testing different level hotels, ranging from economy to luxury, on their cleanliness. From the results, they found that all the rooms had traces of urine stains and feces on the sheets and blankets. Now this video was definitely a life changing video that was absolutely disgusting. But Mrs.McCartney reassured us that the hotel industry has improved since the documentary was publicized. She showed us the video to explain how hotels respond to certain feedback. In this case after the video's publication,  the Hilton hotels left notes to their guest explaining that their cups and sheets were clean. 

After class, I went back to my dorms. We learned a lot of material today. Material not only from our professors but from the guest speakers as well. I wanted to get back and review as much as I could for the quiz tomorrow!
Time to Study!

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