Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cornell Casino!

This morning was a bit nerve wracking to me. We had a quiz on Excel. I was afraid I wouldn't do well even though I studied this morning and last night. Since I usually get to class early, some of the students and I worked together to study and remember the main points that may be on the test. When class started we were a little confused. We didn't have a test when the class started. It turned out Mr.McCarthy had a computerized quiz, showing us that there was a document on the computer called "Excel Quiz 2". We all sat there is devastation, while our professors stood there with a big grin on their face. The quiz was going to be in the computer lab so we were sectioned into two. Now the question arose from the students,"Which half would take the test first?" I was in the second half, B, so I was hoping B wouldn't have to go first. I was a little uneasy since B usually goes first. But today like the TV show we were save by a bell. This bell was Mrs.McCarthy who said Group A would go first. 

After our continued lecture about the importance of better organization systems in hotels as well as the different operating systems that run a hotel, it was our turn to take the quiz. As we waited outside for the lab to clear out of Group A, we all stood their anticipating that worst possible outcome. After five minutes of sweating out, the students finally got out. We asked them how it was and in return they all gave us a displeasing face. From that face we knew. We walked in and were ready. He pulled out the file form the computer and opened the document that was labeled "Excel Quiz 2". The document opened, enabled editing on the file and the most astonishing thing happened. An attention back popped up asking who was our favorite summer college teacher. There were two options, Reneta or Mark. All of us laughed! We were so surprised and so done! It was a funny trick played on us. Later on we went to the next part of class.

This was our quiz!

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!" This is a quote that almost everyone knows, mostly in the hotel industry. This is because most of the major hotels have a joint casino within its premises. For this lesson, our professors focus on the one and only, Las Vegas. Since we were mainly using Las Vegas, I thought I was going to be more familiar with the topic and the discussion, but surprisingly I wasn't. It turns out Las Vegas and its casinos have had a long history to its success. After an in depth conversation on its history our professors asked,"What's the difference from between a hotel-casino and a casino-hotel?" If I was asked this question this morning I would say,"There are no difference." In class, my professors explained to me what the difference was. By looking at a various resources raging from articles and video documentaries, we were exposed to the major differences between the two. Some hotels have built in casinos. My understanding of it is that hotel-casinos are properties that get most of its attraction and profits from the hotel or resort, itself. Whereas casino-hotels are properties that get most of their guest attraction and revenue from the casino.
Introduction to Casino 101!

Later on we went into the psychology of why casinos are so successful and why people spend so money. Mr.McCarthy said that the reason why guests spend so much money is because they aren't aware of the value of each chip. Chips are just small trinkets that are easy to loose track of, mostly when the guests may be on a "hot streak". To test this theory out, the professors decided to teach us Black Jack and Craps, so we could play it in class. We went over each game's rules and probability to winning. After introductions of the game, some of the students demonstrated and tested whether the psychological findings were correct. 

After some "testing", we went to the lab to work on our final group reports. My group and I got a lot of work done today but we are far from being done with our report. 
For dinner, the whole cohort met up and ate together. We went to this pho place that was really good! After dinner we went back to the school and I got to hang out with some of my friend. Later on I had to return to my dorm and work on the report. As for now I will return to my report!
Look at this cool picture I took!

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