Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday... Already?

There was a crisis last night. I almost ran into the problem, but I resolved the issue before things got too serious. Unfortunately, my roommate couldn’t escape. It was too late for her and this morning, things got worse.

There was no clean laundry left.

We were discussing the laundry deal on Thursday. The room was in pretty bad shape that afternoon, but the stack of papers and piling reports kept us from staring at the mess that had developed in our room. I noticed I was down to my last pair of socks on Friday night and decided that it was about time for laundry, but my roommate was out of town at the time. Today, she opened her closet with a loud groan. No more socks and no more shirts. Oops.

Laundry isn’t the only thing that’s been creeping up on me. With every passing day, our room seems
The monster down the hall.
to get messier. It felt like I just cleaned the room and completed the laundry yesterday, but before I knew it, the socks are gone and the floor is covered in clothes. Not only that, but the trash bins were full. It was a full morning of cleaning, and this time, I was the one with the vacuum.

After cleaning, we went down for breakfast at 11, technical lunch time and then went back to the dorm. Hours between breakfast and dinner were filled with leisurely reading, finishing the volunteer project, and a lot of spontaneity. The assignment was to go out and help someone with a task. There were occasional knocks on my door from students asking to take out the trash. My assignment was to help my starving roommate purchase some food. She had a large project coming up so she didn’t have time for dinner the previous night or breakfast. At one point, Elana barged into the room with her phone blasting music and requested a dance party. I didn’t do much dancing, but I got a grade A performance of improvised hair flips and lip synching. Finally, dinner came and then the rest of the night flew by. Although this Sunday went by slowly, I know the next five days will fly by. The last Sunday here in Ithaca… Time flies when you’re having fun (or stressing over deadlines).

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