Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Life on the Internet is Full of Click Bait

Today, July 7th, 2015. Today in class a few things happened--we got our assignments back, we went over the next assignment, and we had a debate. I debated today, and it wasn't that good of a debate. Our motion was that our house regretted the pathologizing of mental illness. Now the issue with this whole debate motion is that pathologize is to regard or treat (someone or something) as psychologically abnormal or unhealthy or disease-like, but the definition of illness is to be abnormal, unhealthy, or disease like. 

So my partner Matthew and I were stuck on how to even approach this debate. We went into the debate with one idea, that pathologizing mental illness led to social stigmas for those afflicted, and that's really all we had. Our opening proposition team did not set up the debate well, so our case was weak right from the start, and mental illness was not defined so we didn't even know how to approach that. My speech was short, less than two minutes, because I really didn't have much to say. I could have just repeated myself for three more minutes, but I preferred to not do that. However, after the debate Rodney did suggest that I talk longer so I guess I'll just have to repeat myself like everyone else does for several minutes, even though the literary part of me cringes at that. 

After the debate, Rodney gave back assignments, and I was nervous because I saw one student's score (70%) who is really into the class, but I was really happy when I saw I got an A, a 90%. Small brag because I found the assignment to be difficult and different from what I'm used to, so it was nice to see my work pay off. 
As I was walking back from class, I stopped at the Cornell Store to buy my family chocolate, so I came back to the dorms a different route. As I was walking along one of the paths through the Arts Quad, I saw two guys sitting in one of the large trees studying. It was so cool. They were just chilling up there doing work. I wish I could do that with all my homework, although I'd probably not get much done because I would be so distracted with climbing trees. 

This evening was the last night of soccer, which is sad! It's really fun even though it's not, um, technically sound, and I really like the people. Betsy, Sophie, Ryan, the list just goes on. Even though I'll be happy to go home, I really enjoy it here. 

After soccer, Betsy, Sophie, and I went and ate a lot of hummus and pretzels. It was amazing. And kind of sickening. But amazing. 

Stay cool.

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