Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Thank You Ivy League Connection Program!

My summer has kicked off to an amazing start. If it wasn’t for the Ivy League Connection Program, I wouldn’t be able to have travel across the country to experience something my school or anyone for that case could offer me. Getting into this program wasn’t a piece of cake. Something I’ve realized was the programs selective application process is very effective and useful. From the essays to the interview selection, this process made me understand what the college application will be. Just like the college application, student will have to compete with one another. Every students I this pool of students has a great GPA and amazing test scores, but just like college admission advisers, the advisers for the Ivy League Connection was looking for students who could set themselves aside from the others. Going through this process has definitely boosted my confidence for the college applications I will have to do soon.

When I got accepted to the program to go to Cornell for the summer to take the Hotel Management course, there was still work to be completed. Accepted students had to be accepted into the summer college. It was an endless battle to meet deadlines for important documents and essay, but from this I learned to be persistent and motivated throughout the whole program.

The first week of the trip was dedicated to touring different schools in the East Coast. The Ivy League Connection Program strongly believes in opening students eyes to different opportunities. They want students to understand, there are so many school outside their comfort zones that are just as amazing and prestigious. Through the program I got to tour Emory University, Georgetown College, and University of Penn. I learned a lot about the application and what they require. Yes, the application requirements is something that we all can get from a website, but something that a website cant offer is the college atmosphere. Going on the different college tours allowed me to see the school’s culture. It allowed me to actually feel what it was like to be on the campus and helped me decide whether or not I like that certain environment or not. We all can see beautiful pictures of the school online, but being able to see it is a whole different experience and a give us a different perception of the school.

When the week of travel in to different schools was over, we went to Cornell. From Cornell Summer College, I learned so much about the college life. Having the chance to live the college life changed me for the better. I discovered and more aware of the hard facts that go along with being a college student. And no I’m not talking about having to do my own laundry. I’m talking about having to live with other students and what it means to be courteous but at the same time holding grounds on some issues. I’m talking about what it means to be independent. Having to live in a building with so many other girls, has taught me to be more cautious around other and understanding to compromise. Don’t get me wrong, I love blasting music when I work just as much as the next guy, but some students don’t have the same perspectives as I do. I had to understand that some students need dead silence to concentrate. I had to acknowledge other people’s perspectives and feeling towards certain issues and had to compromise to be courteous to others.

I also learned that living in a dorm has a lot of independence, but there a lot more responsibility that comes with it. Another thing that I learned from living in the dorms was how to keep the dorm room clean and how to allocate time throughout the day to keep it clean. This deeply ties into having great skill of managing time and being able to work around a schedule. But it also has to do with having a great organization system dedicated to the type of person the student is. Being organized is important and alike to being in a lab, a clean and organized work place is easier to work with. Living at Cornell, I noticed certain things that I could incorporate into my organization style that would benefit me in the long run.  In addition, I learned to be more social with others. Having a better relationship with the floor mates, is a beneficial relationship. Not only is a new friend acquired but they are willing to help whenever it’s needed.

Along with living in the dorms, I learned a lot more from the course that I was attending. Something that I have always been interested in was the business field. With my parents owning their own small businesses, I was always involved in business since I was young. I would help my parents with the business as much as I could. Being part of the Ivy League Connection gave me a better understanding of the business world. The class taught me useful skills that I can use wherever I go. These skills include how to correctly use the Microsoft Applications and how to write and deliver a business proposal. The course I took gave me a hands on education that extremely applicable to real life.

Through my encounters in Hotel Management, the three week course, became a student who is more responsible, diligent, determined, and prepared. My course was rigorous and persistent to its curriculum. For me to survive this course I needed to be motivated and determined to improve myself. This class definitely made me a more disciplined student when I came to finishing work and working in groups. I really appreciated being in this class. Regardless of the long hours and hard work, I believe my course prepared me the most for the future. This include getting prepared for the coming year and college as well.

Throughout my experience, I’ve learned that there is so much out there. I’ve learned to try new things and not to be afraid to get out of my comfort zone. What I have experienced is all the things my school can’t offer to anyone. My fellow peers don’t understand that the opportunities outside of California is countless. There is no limit to what they can and cannot do. When I come back, I plan on promoting schools in the East Coast and the Ivy League Connection Program to the students. I plan on appealing to the new class of underclassman and the current class of underclassmen, to apply to the program. I believe all students should have the equal and right opportunity to educate themselves through this life changing experience. In addition, I will be involved in helping next year’s applicants by guiding them and helping them anyway we can. Through the various clubs I am involved with I can help next year’s applicants and promote the program more. For example the JSA Speech & Debate Club I am Co-Presidents for, I can set up mock interviews where students can practice on their speaking skills and their skills to think on their feet. I am hope to work with my other peers to set up college presentation on school in the East Coast. Most students don’t know what colleges outside of the state are looking for and what they require. With this informational presentations, I believe that the students will keep their options open when applying to different school.

I am so thankful for the Ivy League Connection Program for investing in my school district and their students. I can’t explain how grateful I am to have experienced this journey and I can’t wait to help the next generation experience it as well.

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