Thursday, July 9, 2015

Diving into My Inner Self

Today in class, we learned about the self. We continued to learn about the differences between Western, independent, cultures and Eastern, interdependent, cultures. At the end of the class, we headed toward our sections to do last review for our test. In the section, we discussed the evolutionary theory in which males and females look for specific attributes conscienceless. For example, men look for younger girls with plump breasts and wide hips that are a biological advantage for childbirth. Women with plump breasts are able to provide more milk for the young and wide hips allow for an easier childbirth and survival rate for the mother, then including the child. For women, they search if a man has resources that will support the child from an early age to adulthood. Women are more choosier than men when picking a potential mate because they invest nine months in pregnancy, while men do not experience it. But, by giving birth to the child, men have parental uncertainty because of the doubt if the child is actually theirs. Women don't experience parental uncertainty because the infant does come out of their womb. To prevent the husband from doing anything rash to the child, he is reminded that the child is his resemblance. He is especially told by the mother's parents who are protecting the infant and their surviving genes. We also discussed about cognitive dissonance which states that when our actions and our attitudes do not match up, we will change our thoughts to match our actions. We don't like to be inconsistent so we motivate ourselves to think a certain way. For instance, hazing in fraternities. When new members want to join a specific Greek system, he must perform painful or humiliating actions to prove his loyalty and commitment. This proves to be effective because even if the freshman believes that the fraternity is not meant for him, he will change his attitude about the group and say that it is worthwhile. We also discussed more about past topics such as the construal level theory the hindsight bias. After the review, we tool a course evaluation and soon went to lunch.

After lunch, I quickly went back to the dorms to study. When Reese and Lucy were done with their seminar, they came over to do share information about their seminars today. I found it beneficial to work together because as Lucy was asking Reese about certain topics, I would overhear their conversations and join in to help explain the topic. We spent our time together for hours. Once dinner came, we realized just how much it actually rained today. The exit from Balch had a huge puddle that I decided to go back into m dorm to wear crocs and the yellow poncho Don gave me. With the crocs, I felt comfortable to be in the puddle. Reese and I were wearing sandals and it was fun to splash the water while everyone was suffering from a wet shoe. This was my first time jumping in puddles and hopefully the rain will come back to California. 

The three of us continued to study until 10:30 PM, when Reese and Lucy had to go back to Mary Donlon to check-in. For tomorrow, we will be having our test at 10 o'clock and will have a lecture right after. Lucy, Reese, Melissa, and I will be going to Rachel's exhibition tomorrow, and I am looking forward to taking pictures and saying my last byes to Rachel. It will be a farewell to a fun friend. 

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