Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Last Supper (on a Sunday)

In one week I will not be eating in a dining hall at Cornell University. That is such a crazy thought and it's kinda scaring me so I'm not going to think about it that much right now.

Today was a very satisfying day. I finally finished my debate assignment, I did my laundry (special shout out to my dear father who I woke up at 6:00 AM his time because I needed two dollars to dry my clothes after they had been washed. The real MVP), I went to Collegetown Bagels, I threw around a frisbee, and watched the World Cup Final. 

I had another lovely run this morning. I met this deer (who are actually red. I'm used to brown deer, the East Coast deer are beautiful) and we chatted about the weather and how humans are terrible. Usual stuff. She has had five fawns over the years, and three have been female. (She loves the young does--so much more intelligent than young bucks!) At this point another jogger came along so we had to say goodbye. 

After my run, my roommate was still asleep so I (quietly..) gathered my laundry and headed down to get my laundry out of the way before everyone and their sister came down to the basement to wash socks. I managed to get my load of clothes washed, but I realized that I didn't have enough money on my card for drying them. This is when my fabulous dad saved the day after I woke him up way too early on a Sunday morning, because he added $2 to my card for laundry and enabled me to dry my clothes. Another shout out to my mother for being the first one to put laundry money on my card--it all started with you. 

Anyway, I actually get a lot of work done while I'm washing laundry. This is when I finished my debate assignment. See, while most of the building was still sleeping I was being a productive individual. Go me. 

After laundry was Collegetown Bagels! The winning sandwich today contained apple, brie, mustard, and turkey. It was great as usual. 

After Collegetown, was a trip back to Appel Fields where I threw around a frisbee and sweated in the sun. Today was way too hot, or at least too hot compared to the past few days! The weather here changes constantly, it could be pouring one minute and sunny the next, or cold one day and warm the next. I don't mind it too much though, it's interesting. 

After frisbee and dinner, it was time for the Women's World Cup Final. If you didn't watch this game, you missed out. Everyone had barely sat down before the goals began pouring in. In the first 17 minutes, the USA was up 4-0. Carli Lloyd had a hat trick (three goals). That is unheard of, especially in the first 17 minutes, especially in the World Cup Final! Japan secured one goal in the first half, and the half closed out with the USA winning 4-1. 

Part of the Viewing Party

Also, dear everyone. The United States is not "America." America refers to the entire two continents. North and South America. This includes Canada, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile....I could go on. Basically, don't call the USA "America" because it's not and it's a pet peeve of many people.

Anyway. The second half is filled with two more goals, and the game ends 5-2, USA beating Japan to secure the Cup for the first time since 1999. YAY!

Sleep well, fellow humans. 

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