Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Experiences Outweigh the Possesions

My time at Cornell is truly my highlight of this summer. During my time at Cornell, I met four amazing friends that have made my moments worthwhile. Lucy, Reese, Rachel, and Melissa are the greatest people I have ever met and to picture my time at another summer program, without them, seems unimaginable. We shared funny moments like when they poke fun at me for saying "hella" and "heacka," and how they gave me a new nickname, "T-ma." I would like to say a few words to the friends that shaped me during my time at Cornell. 

Lucy, you were the first person I met during our first meeting with Professor Gilovich. At first glance, I thought you were the cool, popular girl from next door, but that prediction was wrong. Instead, you were the bubbly, cute girl who laughed at everything, distinctly my bad sense of humor. Your ability to giggle at the tiniest moments brought joy to my days, especially during my tough, questionable times. I enjoyed our moments together, walking to class with Reese, and singing Disney songs in my room because being with you opened up my heart. 

Reese, you are the first guy friend that I ever met during the three week program. I know I always say this, but you are a really nice person. You helped me during the difficult times in psychology, and even volunteered to go swimming with me. I can't tell you how much our friendship means to me, it's just that unexplainable. The moment that the your bus left Cornell, I realized how heartbreaking our separation actually was. I truly respect you, for all that you have done to help me, so thank you Reese. 

To Rachel. We had some hilarious moments together, whether it was watching Korean dramas or waiting for you to come back from the studio, I loved it. It was always a pleasure to hear your stories of Hong Kong and understanding how talented people are in international schools. You opened my horizons when I was at Cornell. You called me "T-ma" for the longest time, and even though I rejected that nickname, I found it cute. Your hobbies, achievements, and goals are admirable, especially the octolamp that you made in your design class. I truly admire you, and I hope that one day we will meet again whether it is in California or Hong Kong.

Lastly, Melissa. Melissa, I remember the day when you finally arrived at Balch. You were the last edition to our floor, and meeting you was exciting. We bonded our community service clubs, and had a blast watching Korean dramas. Remember the canoeing day we had in the hiking club? Our arms were dying by the end of it because we were constantly pulling deep into the water. At the last stretch, we were really cruising by, until we had some inequality in which we had to reverse and then build up our momentum again. It was truly a memorable moment. We were able to bond immediately when we first met each other. We joked around in Rachel's room and had our hilarious moments in the bathroom. My memories with you were worthwhile.
Thank you for making my days at Cornell fun. It was an honor to meet you guys and I can't ask for anything more. Lucy, Reese, Rachel, and Melissa, it was fun being friends with you guys, thank you so much. 
I can't believe that the three weeks are over. To be honest, I never would have thought that I would take a psychology class but taking the course at Cornell opened my horizons. I had a very memorable experience at Cornell, and it is thanks to the Ivy League Connection. 

I can't express my gratitude for this amazing experience. It was definitely a great way to start my summer in a new environment with different people across the globe. Once I was at Cornell, I had an open mind. I wanted to absorb as much of my surroundings as possible because I wanted to share my experiences with my fellow peers back home. This opportunity is something that I will never forget. I learned about the many colleges in the East such as, Emory University, Georgetown, UPenn, and especially Cornell. I learned a lot from my two international friends, Reese and Rachel, about their experiences living in Hong Kong and going to an international school. I imagined their experiences in my head, and pictured my experience if I were to study abroad in Hong Kong. It is definitely a choice that I will be looking forward to when I go to college. My interests in colleges in the East have increased because of the ILC.

The Ivy League Connection does change your perspective of the world. I remember the first time listening to Don's presentation, and not fully grasping the whole idea of going to a prestigious school and taking a course. But with this opportunity, it is a reality. I never really believed that I had the capability to be able to attend these Ivy League Colleges, but I am wrong. Being able to be apart of the Ivy League Connection is truly one's will to take part in this organization. I will motivate rising juniors and sophomores to be in this program. I remember a day in class when we were talking about achieving happiness. It was about focusing our lives on our experiences and not on our materialistic possessions.So, I would like to thank everyone involved in making this opportunity possible and I can't wait to share my memories and see next year's group of talented individuals. 
The Best Cohort Ever!

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