Sunday, July 5, 2015

Trash Pick Up

Sunday was my favorite day of the week during my trip. Usually it is Saturday, but after all the walking around and fun, sleeping in on Sunday felt like heaven. However, my sleeping in is seven hours of sleep instead of four. No alarm needed, just me naturally waking up. With my luck a few minutes after waking up and rolling around, Nick called me and asked me if I wanted to go and eat lunch. What a coincidence. I feel like he waited for me to wake up before texting and calling. 

Beautiful mural on a building along the way to C-Town
Being my quick self, I was able to get ready within 15 minutes and met him downstairs. Sadly, my cohort had already eaten at different times. Both Nick and I met some of our classmates from Hotel Management and brainstormed all our upcoming projects that were due. Realizing we had a lot of work, we began all our assignments after lunch. I could already feel the day being another all day work day. We began off working differently. In order to fulfill our community service, we went around the Mary Donlon dorm rooms and asked to take out people's trash. This sparked immediate conversation and put many smiles on everyone's face. 

Office hours were nearing so we stopped clearing trashes and walked to Statler Hall. Knowing that not to many people were going to show up due to office hours not being mandatory, we took full advantage of our free time with the TA's. Within the three hours, we were able to finish most of our assignments. We even were able to find out that we had another quiz tomorrow. Now we knew what we were doing for the rest of the night. Studying for the test. 

Downtown College Town
After so much hard work, we decided to leave and go eat dinner. We ended up at different restaurants in College Town. However, we all met up for dessert at College Town Bagels. Once back in the dorms, we studied, studied, and studied some more. We even created a study guide, printed it, and handed them out to our fellow classmates so they had something to study as well. 

We headed down to the lobby for night-check in and said our good byes for the night in the elevator back up. Ever since then, I have been hard at work with my remaining assignments and the study guide for my test.

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