Saturday, July 4, 2015

Line Cubed

Waking up at 5:30 was not as bad as I thought it would. The main reason was because of the adrenaline that rushed into me knowing that I was going to Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls! I so excited that I ended up being the first one to the van. Not long after, I was followed by Justice, Helen, Thao, Julie, and Shanti. We were ready to roll.

Our first stop was at College Town Bagels in order to get breakfast. However, since I am not a breakfast person, I ordered a sandwich and a smoothie to sip while in the car. A three and a half hour car ride was not as the car ride from San Francisco to LA. The first 30 minutes of our van ride, everyone was hyper and singing along with the radio. However, once our food was eaten and we realized how early it was, all six of us knocked out. Sleeping in any car can be painful or very relaxing. In my case, due to my extreme sleepiness, I slept very relaxed. I was relaxed and pain free until I woke up and realized the weird fetal position I had slept in. This is when all the soreness and pain ran through my body, forcing me to stretch. Luckily we were not to far from our destination.

Where is Niagara Falls? Since no one knew where exactly it was located, we searched it up and found out that it was the border for Canada and the USA. Another example of us learning something new everyday. 

Niagara Falls entrance sign
Chan-Law parked the car and we all piled out. After the stretching and hooray for arriving, we walked towards the entrance. Due to my lack of knowledge about Niagara Falls, I was really surprised to see that it was treated like an amusement park. Admission, snack bars, and lines. The basic recipe for amusement parks.

We quickly went through admission and hurried to our first attraction. Maiden of the Mist was a boat ride that took people to the very front of the waterfall. Ponchos were a necessity for this attraction. Luckily everyone was handed one before boarding. Being the last ones boarded, the cohort was forced to separate and find their own spots. I was lucky and smooth enough to squeeze myself to the front of the boat. Taking Chan-law's advice, I chose the spot where I was 100% likely to get wet.

The ride, atmosphere, and eagerness to see the waterfall made the boat ride perfect. Was it raining? No, it couldn't be. It was the mist from the waterfall! We were getting closer and closer. Having this being a once in a lifetime event, I had my camera recording every second so I would have these memories recorded. Being apart of Niagara Falls felt amazing. The down side of the boat ride was the trip back to dock. However, the hour we waited in line for the boat ride was completely worth it. 

Niagara Fall's waterfall
After regrouping, we visited the gift shop, bought souvenirs and headed to lunch. After getting our food, we ate and reflected on our experience from where we were located. Surprisingly I was the only one who got wet. Everyone was spread out on the boat and we all got different views. With so much conversation, lunch went by quickly and we were headed to the next attraction.

Cave of the Wind. This attraction consisted of people being able to stand on the bridge and be side by side or even under some parts of the waterfall. However, nearly four hours of standing in line came with the fun. Not knowing the line was so long, we waited for a good amount of time. Eventually, seeing that we still had another hour or two left, we democratically voted if we would stay or head back. With a four to two vote, we ended up going back to Cornell. Even though we waited for no reason, we were able to share many new laughs and create many memories. 

Our night together was not over yet. Dinner was at a pho shop named Friends and Pho. The restaurant was a Chinese and Vietnamese mix. The combination of the two was not bad at all. Our orders varied from pho noodle bowls to fried noodles to duck.  The meal lightened up everyone's mood and we forgot about the Cave of the Wind. 
The first of four one hour lines
On the car ride back, we sang with the radio and showed off our karaoke skills. Eventually we arrived back to the dorms. Justice and I split up from Thao, Helen, Julie, and Shanti after being dropped off at our dorm building, Mary Donlon. Today was fun and I was able to not worry about working and stressing. However, once Monday comes around, the fun and games are over, as this week is our finals week. 

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