Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Connections to the World

The Ivy League Connection is a program that students can't even understand how great it is until they experience the opportunity themselves. The ILC is a chance for students to be an adult, talk to adults in college settings, and really start prying into their futures. Everyone can take college tours, but not everyone can talk to school alumni and current students. Those with monetary wealth can go to elite summer programs at Ivy League schools, but many students can't. The Ivy League Connection makes that possible for students like me. Thank you.

Without the Ivy League Connection, I never would have known what kind of college I was looking for. I only understood what I needed after this experience. (I'm looking for colleges near cities, where students can intern and get job experience while they're in school. It's a bit more complicated than that, but that's the general idea.)
 The experience at Cornell University hopefully will not just be limited to benefiting me. Now I can return to my school, talk to my friends, and be able to help them figure out their college future. I also have so many contacts now, from many different schools, whether they are graduates or current students. All these people want to help high school students, and now they can help other people other than me. I've learned what it sounds like to be surrounded by students who want to learn, and now I can hopefully try to make that environment more present at my high school.

There are not enough words to describe, to explain how important the Ivy League Connection is. To all the adults behind this organization, you are changing lives even though you may not realize it. You're changing the lives of the students from the West Contra Costa Unified School District, and you're changing the lives of the people those students are going to be helping, to be interacting with. Please, never forget the power that you have to help the next generation, because this generation has a lot of problems in the world it needs to fix, and it could use your help.

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