Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Template Tuesday

Your presentations are over! Now you can relax, right? Relax? Never. Especially not on a scholarship. I was not sent 3000 miles away from home to relax. I came here to do work, learn a lot of material, and interact with people all around the world. Ever since I arrived, I have been non-stop in trying to complete each category daily. Today I did it again.

Waking up at seven every morning took a week to adjust to, but now it feels normal. Going through my daily routine, I made my bed, got ready, and walked over to RPCC. However, today I was more focused on my quiz on hotel brands, than eating food. Even though I was busy studying, I was able to meet up with Nick and eat a banana. Along the way, we both quizzed one another back and forth. 

My neat bed after I wake up and before I sleep
As I entered class, I felt like trimester two was about to begin. Presentations had finalized and we began preparing for our next project. Over a total of three lectures, we were able to cover how to make a business letter and report template, and learn a couple key differences between hotels and other businesses. 

Making a letter and report template are very complicated. However, with much practice, I was able to get the hang of it and help out my surrounding colleagues. As always, whatever we learned in class would be assigned for homework. A letter and report template of our own due at the end of office hours did not phase our class anymore. Instead, we embraced the challenge and got right to work once office hours began. Helping is a key to success. This is what our class did when a TA was unavailable or if Mark or Reneta were not present. The way we aided one another today is the main reason why everyone got most of their work done in class. 

Unlike yesterday, we got out of class at six today. With our stomachs grumbling, Gaby, Nick, Justice, and I met up at RPCC and had delicious burgers, pizza, and even waffles. After our meal, Nick, Justice, and I decided to play frisbee and volleyball. However, our daily fun ended as soon as the rain began coming down. The sky was blue and within seconds, large pellets of rain began hitting the ground, sending everyone running inside. 

Being limited to activities, Nick and I met up with Jefferey, Bonnie, Skylar, April, and Elizabeth. Hanging out in the lounge was not a bad idea. We were able to mingle and get to know each other more. I even found out Jefferey and I sound really good when we duet together while singing. After beating Nick five times in a row in chess, singing with Jeff, and studying with everyone else, I headed back to my room to complete my template and blog. Maybe my idea of never relaxing was wrong. One can always have fun, relax, and get their work done, as long as one manages their time wisely and well. 

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