Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cornell Presents:College Town

I went to College Town for the first time today. It is about fifteen minutes away from our dormitories. A group of us, which included: Thao, Helen, Stephen, Justice, some others, and I, went together. Unfortunately on our way there, it began to rain. I was a good thing Helen reminded me earlier in the morning that I would be cold. With our jackets and ponchos, we traveled through the rain to college town. 
I can never get over the beautiful views!
When we got there, we decided to walk around to see what there was. We saw a range of small stores and restaurants. I had my heart set on this bagel place in College Town because Doug and Rachel, the amazing alumni I talked with at the Cornell Dinner, told us that they had really great bagels. As we walked around I saw a subway, 7-11, a Vietnamese place, as well as a Cornell store called Bear Necessities. There was a lot of places to go, it wasn't limited. Since we arrived to College Town around 10:20 AM, most of the stores were closed, but it was nice to see College Town. 

Most of us ended up going to College Town Bagels which was the bagel place the alumni were raving about. We walked in and it was very busy with people hassling in and out. We waited in line and looked at the menu. The menu has so many options. There was so many good options to choose from. I went with the "Round". The "Round" had all the breakfast essential. We got our food and left to explore some more!

After much exploring we went back to the dorms. We walked around for a long time so I was a bit worn out. At the dorms we all parted ways. I went back to my rooms and decided that I needed to clean my room. I started to put all my clean laundry away and started to put my books organized nicely on my desk. After cleaning I took a short nap.

When I woke up, it was raining really hard. I didn't leave me dorm room because of the rain and most of my dorm neighbors were out. But when the rain lighten up all of up regrouped early for dinner. We all sat next to each other eating the amazing entrees for the evening. 

Later Thao, Helen, Melissa (our new friend) and I went back to the dorms. We wanted to all blog together for the night but it was still raining very hard. We ran all the way to our dorms, grabbed our things, and ran back to where our friend’s dorm room was. There we relaxed and blogged. We talked and laughed. I wouldn't want to spend my Saturday any other way! 

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  1. Yay! We are so glad you were able to relax at CTB. Enjoy Ithaca for us :)