Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Even Though it is Summer, it is Still Her Birthday

Today I finally got a good amount of sleep. Waking up at 7:20 a.m. was much later than I would usually wake up. However, the hour and a half of extra sleep helped me make it through my day. Today was a special day too. Not for me. Not for my roommate. For Julie. Today was Julie's 17th birthday. Even though we just met a few months ago, the time we spent has made so many great and outstanding memories.
Now that today was day three in class, things were settling down. Now that we were used to our four lectures in our ten hour school day, class goes way smoother. All the groups work well together and everyone participates in class. As always, after our first lecture, Nick and I walked over to the Trillium to eat lunch. However, since the two previous days we had pasta and burritos, today we settled with Chinese food. 

Returning back after a heavy lunch for two more lectures is always hard. However, since we are getting used to the hectic schedule, we learn to power through and make it through the day. Following our two lectures, we split up into four computer labs for office hours. Instead of working on multiple assignments, the entire class was scrambling to finish one big project. Luckily, with the help of finished students, teachers, and TAs, everyone was able to finish. 

As I walked into the RPCC dinner hall, I ran into my cohort. Remembering today was Julie's birthday, I wished her Happy Birthday for the 10th time. After a quick meal, our cohort met Chan-Law in front of RPCC and gave Julie her birthday card. After tons of picture takings, we all went to play volleyball and frisbee and met up with Nick, Sophia, and Julie. This was the highlight of my day, because it got to the point where we laughed so hard my stomach began to hurt, the best feeling ever. 

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