Monday, June 29, 2015

Now Presenting...

Heart beating. Chest pounding. Hands shaking. Everything that would represent being nervous, showed. However, it was early morning and I was practicing in my room. Presenting over and over again to myself, I became less nervous and better focused. Before I knew it, my alarm to leave went off. 

As I entered Statler Hall, I raced to the bathroom to fix my tie and make sure everything looked good. Soon after, I met my group and we quickly went over our slides and notes. Were we ready?  Of course! 

Presentations were given in numerically alphabetized names. For example, Group 1A was first, followed by 1B, 2A, 2B, etc. The groups with the same number, presented the same hotel. Marriott was the first hotel to be shown. Followed by Hilton, than Interstate. Just from the first six groups, I learned about their fluctuating total net income, activities outside of their hotel, and reasons on why people should invest in their company. 

After a quick 15 minute break, the class was presented Wyndham and IHG. Even though the topics were repetitive, each hotel and group presented the information very differently. The animations, transitions, and content on the Power Points also influenced our final grade. After Group 5B presented, everyone was dismissed for a hour long lunch break. 

A lunch break? Since my group and I had to present after lunch, our lunch break turned into a study session. Covering any key notes we missed and to make sure we answered everyone's questions. Lunch flew by and before we knew it, everyone was politely awaiting for Group 6A, Choice Hotels, to present. The presentations felt like they were being presented faster and faster, the closer it got to being our turn to present. 

Group photo of Hotel Management class
"Group 8A, Host Hotels and Resorts," exclaimed Mark. It was our turn. All our hard work and long days led to this point. Was I shaking? No. Was I nervous? A little. Did I show it? Never. Our presentation went as smoothly as possible. We covered all the main topics, such as stock and financial information, their history, and even their upcoming missions. Also, our group was able to strongly answer any lingering questions. The clap from our classmates officially ended our presentation. As we walked up back to our seats, we received many "Good Job!" or "Well Spoken." 

Being much more relaxed than before, I slowed down with my note taking and enjoyed the remaining Power Points, Hyatt and Starwood. A huge round of applause and cheers erupted after Mark proclaimed that all the presentations were completed. He even announced that there would be no office hours today. However, all we had to do was complete a quick self evaluation and take a group photo. A photo to commemorate all the proud faces following their excellent presentations. 

Since being let out early was new to me, Shanti, Julie, and I met up with Chan-Law and we were able to pick out something from the Cornell Store. Thank you ILC for the jacket, I love it already! After a quick walk back to my dorm, I ate dinner and played frisbee with Justice and Nick. To kill the remaining time, both Nick and I did our laundry and were able to study for our quiz tomorrow. Studying took longer than expected and we even went past nightly check-in. However, we both went back to our rooms ready to ace tomorrow's quiz. 

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