Saturday, June 27, 2015

Finally, We Rest (Sort Of)

Over the past two weeks, I have been exposed what I can only be described as fun, controlled chaos.  My cohort and I have run around the streets of Atlanta, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia touring some of the best colleges in America.  Once we conquered the likes of Emory University, Georgetown University, and the University of Pennslyvania, we made our final stop at Cornell.  During the short time we have been here, we've all been exposed to countless new faces from all over the country and all over the world.  While it's only been one week, this has been a surreal experience and never once in my life would I have every thunk I'd be spending my summer at such a prestigious school.  With all that being said, it has been a tiring experience, whether it was running around colleges or running to classes.  Mix in a little bit of exercise, humidity, and heat, and it creates an incredibly exhausting two weeks.  It hasn't taken away from the enjoyment of the trip, but extended relaxation has been hard to find these days.  Now, with the first week of class finished and the weekend all to myself,  I took it upon myself to give my body a much-deserved rest and eliminate the fatigue that has followed me around the past couple of days.  At least, I wish that was what I had done.

The Cornell Clocktower
I woke up around nine, pretty late by my previous standards, but with no need to study an upcoming lesson, I took the chance.  I sent out a text in the Cornell group chat asking if anyone wanted to head to College Town at 9:45 and most of the group said they wanted to go.  Ironically, I was the last once to show up at our meeting spot and arrived about thirty minutes late.  I didn't really have an excuse, just overall laziness.  The group, consisting of most of the Cornell cohort and a couple friends, headed out on a twenty-minute walk to College Town to get breakfast.  I went to Dunkin Donuts since they do not have a store in the Bay Area, as well as Collegetown Bagels, a place unique to Cornell.  Both places were  delicious and surprisingly filling in comparison to the food served at the RPCC.  I found it weird considering the RPCC has a buffet-style lunch hall, yet the food never filled me up for more than a couple hours.  

Following the meal, we all headed back to North Campus and that was about the extent of the day.  Stephen, Joe, and I played a little basketball and then headed back to the dorms.  To be completely honest, I didn't have the motivation to explore Cornell, so I bunched up in my room, sleeping, watching Netflix, or reading.  Stephen and I headed back to College Town with Mr. Chan-Law and got a bite to eat at a small little Vietnamese restaurant.  I got some pho, which reminded me of home because I would always get pho on weekends at Pacific East Mall in Richmond.  After the meal, Stephen and I bought some ice cream, boba, and cookies, then battled the elements to make it back to our dorms, which is where I still stand now.  I'll get back into the swing of studying and assignments tomorrow, but it felt great for one day to take a step back, reflect, and relax.  

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  1. I know that ‘thunk’ isn’t a real word but it seemed appropriate here.