Monday, June 15, 2015

Hours Away

5 Hours Later...
After four long months since I was inducted into this program, the day of departure is only hours away.  And I cannot wait.  Being a typical teenager, I waited until the last two days before we head off to the East to pack my necessities.  To be blunt, it wasn't my best decision.  I constantly had to run around my house, looking for certain items as I went up and down the list.  With every item I crossed off, I felt a large sigh of relief.  I was scared that I would go over the recommended weight limit of 40 pounds, but I managed to bring it in right on the dot.

I'm incredibly excited for the opportunity to visit what the East Coast has to offer.  These past couple of days, I've been day-dreaming about what these new frontiers have to offer, whether it be in Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, or Ithaca.  Being a relatively big fan of the Golden State Warriors, I'm incredibly anxious to find a spot to watch Game 6 when we roll into Atlanta tomorrow.  Nevertheless, I'm incredibly grateful to be struggling to find the game in Atlanta than be stuck in California for another summer.  East Coast, here I come.  

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