Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday is the Type of My Day!

This morning I got the opportunity to sleep in a bit. Before I went to class. This definitely recharged me for the busy day I had ahead!

In class we mainly worked on the assignments due at the end of class. We had to assignments to turn in. One was the type memo to the professors telling them what improvements we would make if we were to take over a hotel that had a decreasing revenue.This memo had to be well written and very thought out. The second assignment was to show Mr.Mark McCarthy the PowerPoint each group created that would correlate with the presentation we would give on Monday. But before we could get to the Binenkorb Lab to work on the assignments, we had a lecture. 

In the lecture, the professors told us what they wanted to see in our presentation. Since we were presenting one of the many hotel companies, they wanted to know the certain aspects that distinguishes our company from the others. They also went over the rule-brick for grading the presentation. 

For the presentation, I have a lot of confidence. I trust my team completely and I know that we will deliver a presentation that is great. But that doesn't mean that we don't need practice. My team and I know that we need practice and without it we will probably be terrible. Therefore we all decided to meet on Sunday, later in the afternoon, to run through it. It was a bit hard getting around everyone's schedule because one of my teammates, Amanda Lin, is actually a college student. Regardless we are willing to do whatever it takes to get together and practice.

When we were in the lab finally, every student scrambled to get their project done. They looked at every minutia detail to spacing and the type of font to make sure everything (and I mean everything) was perfect on their papers. I myself had to read over my work and adjust my margins and settings several times in order to produce a paper that was worthy enough to give to my professors. On my memo I talked about what expenses I would change in the given hotel setting to make it more profitable. I focused on minimizing unnecessary spending and using the budget on actual amenities that would make the hotel more improved and luxurious. 
For the assignment I got to make my own firm!
The Golden Consultant Firm!
We turned in our work on time and then started to work on the second assignment.This assignment was to format and make an outline of our presentation. We all decided to work on one computer which was kind of difficult but we made it work. We decided upon a theme and certain aspects that would make our presentation look suitable. After some time working on the theme, I decided instead of just watching two of my teammates struggling to make edits on one computer because of the limited space, I would be more productive and start some of the research. Therefore Matt and I started working on the information needed to put in the slides. The information included the brands of the hotel, the history, finance, etc. We wanted to be as precise as we could with the research because we'd rather be safe than sorry. During the whole class period, my team worked productively and efficiently. We took initiative for the actions that we needed to do and exercised our skills in being business women and and business men. 

Class ended at 3:30 PM. It was earlier than usual but it did give my friend, Irene, and I to visit the Cornell Store. At the store, I saw a lot of great things! Everything had a Cornell seal on it. Unfortunately I didn't have my wallet to buy the key chains and small Cornell banner I wanted but I will definitely revisit the store. 

After the Cornell Store Trip we headed back to the dorm rooms. While I was in my dorm rooms, I still had some time to spare until dinner. Since I had two hours, I took s brief nap. I woke up ready to do whatever I needed. I went to dinner early and saw Thao. As I was finishing up dinner everyone decided to go to the basketball courts. When I finished, Thao and I left to the courts. The courts what in one of the building near the dorm rooms. I was so angry to have found out that the sports center building was close by, but at the same time thankful because I knew that I still had time to explore it. I learned that the building had a basketball court, badminton court, as well as a swimming pool in its facilities. Now I can make use of the waterpolo suit I brought on the trip!

Tonight the Summer College hosted  a Toga Party for the high school students! I sat there thinking "What I am I going to wear? I don't exactly have a toga ready to go." It wasn't until of the RA's told me, "Make use of your bed sheets? Duh!" But in all honesty I wasn't comfortable wearing bed sheets so I just improvised and whore regular clothes with my white draping cardigan. The toga party was fun. It was nice to let go and relax from the strenuous week we had. It was definitely a fun party to go to! I cant wait till the next event! 

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