Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday is a Work Day, Too!

My day didn't really get interesting until after lunch. Prior to lunch I was diligently going over the material on the PowerPoint for the presentation on Monday. My group and I had so much information about our hotel company, I was afraid I wasn't going to get it all. But I did get through more than eighty percent of the material.

My group and I agreed to meet at 1:00 PM at Amanda's dorm rooms. Since she was a college student, she lived on a different part of the campus. Matt, Sarah, and I met at the arch in South Balch. Once we were together we began to walk there. As we were walking there, we realized we took the "scenic route" but we found our way back on track. As we were walking to her dorm, I realized there is so much of Cornell I haven't seen.
This is Matt and Amanda. They are amazing people! 

We walked near the dorms and saw that there was a recreational center right next to the dorms. In addition the new model dorm rooms we great for socializing as well as studying. In the lobby there was a common rooms and many small office-like rooms that are used for group collaboration. As we made our way to her dorm, I noticed so many posters for events that various clubs and organizations were planing. This just reflected how Cornell students even in the summer are interactive and social.

We finally got to her dorm and started to work. For most of the time we worked on the PowerPoint itself. From there we went over the content and made sure we were grabbing the correct information from the correct sources. One of the hardest thing for me was understanding the company's, Starwood, start up. It was because there wasn't much about some of the things that allowed the country to grow. For example, Starwood Hotel and Resort took advantage of a tax break, but our sources didn't go in depth what the tax break was.

When it came around 2:40 PM, we started to make our way to the Bin Lab. Today we had office hours from 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM. When we arrived, we went to work. The next three hours would be the most vital and most important hours. In the three hours we worked so intensively. We looked at every minutia detail on the PowerPoint. We knew that it didn't have to be perfect but we wanted it to be as close to perfect as possible.

During office hour, we also had to present to one of the Teacher Assistants in the class. In our mock presentation we got some really good feedback for improvements. We were definitely stressed out because we didn't know if we would finish in time but my group pulled through. My group and I didn't leave the Bin Lab until 8:00 PM. We were trying very hard to improve the  PowerPoint as much as we could.

Since Julie and I were late to leave the lab, we completely missed dinner. Thankfully Mr.Chan-Law said he would treat us to dinner for missing dinner due to the presentation. Julie and I were so happy because if he didn't offer dinner, we would have been subjected to eat the 2 week old red vines Don gave us the day we left the West Coast! Mr.Chan-Law told us to meet him at the lobby of the Statler Hotel, which was very close to where we were.

We went to the lobby and waited for Mr.Chan-Law. When we were about to leave it started to sprinkle, so Chan-Law decided to go back and grab his umbrella and jacket. When he came back downstairs we were ready to leave. We walked outside and it was full on pouring. We all laughed and went back in because there was no way we would have made that walk to College Town alive! Mr.Chan-Law briefly turns around and says "How about the Statler Restaurant?" This restaurant was the  only one open to us, therefore we went. Julie and I were so grateful for Mr.Chan-Law. If it wasn't for him, we'd still be hungry right now!
Thank You, Mr.Chan-Law! You are the real MVP!
After dinner, the rain had simmered down a bit and Mr.Chan-Law gave us his umbrella and went back to the dorms. At the dorms Julie and I meet in the common living room area and decided to blog together.

I can't wait for tomorrow! Wish me luck on my presentation!
Blogging with my Hotel Management Buddy!

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