Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Intensity Level 5000!

If I were to asked me to describe the Hotel Management in three words, I would say it was "fun, interesting, and intense." This class is the closest I've been in the college atmosphere. The late night studying, the not-so late night studying, turning in assignments, and the lectures are all aspects of the college atmosphere I need to experience. The intensity level of this course is a lot higher than the intensity in an AP class in high school. 

In class we started with a quiz that was more like a review. Our professors had a smart way of giving the quiz in a creative and fun matter. It was a family feud but classroom edition with the quiz question. Although it was based primarily based on a fun family game, the game was just as intense as the Hunger Games. It was fun to see brights concentrated minds fearlessly answering questions to steal points away from others. It was the best quiz I ever have take hands down, no questions asked.
We then settled down and got ready for the lecture to come. The lesson plan for the day was spiced up just a little bit. Not only did we have a verbal lecture but our professors incorporated clips from episodes from the shows "Undercover Bosses" and "Hotel Impossible" for the students to get an understanding of what makes a company/hotel dysfunctional and how to fix it. From the shows, the professors wanted us to understand the importance of a clean hotel and having a maintained system of housekeepers and management. In addition the negative affects of not having the right equipment and technology to enhance customer experience. These key concepts would later help us successfully run the CHESS Program, which is a stimulated computerized hotel operator. The CHESS Program is a learning experience where student can learn what factors affect a hotel. Feature like rate on maintenance and how much an owner spend on entertainment and employees all play into making a hotel successful.

Although we didn't use the CHESS Program then, we did go to the computer lab and work with Microsoft Word. We were learning how to make a memo that was business-like and appealing. Learning the new functions for Microsoft Word is very difficult because there are so many, but with practice it will come easier to me. After some time we worked finally got to work on the CHESS program. On the CHESS Program, my goal wasn't to have the best hotel. My goal was to understand what are the key factors affect the hotel the most. I saw that the entertainment doesn't affect much of the hotels revenue. I also saw that some days are more busier than others. For example, Mondays and Tuesdays. From this I realized I should add more staff on than day. Certain things aspects like those, were things I had to alter to see the affect. 

From there we had another lecture. This lecture was strictly based on how to execute a presentation. Mr.McCarthy went over the do's and dont's of making a presentation. I was so amazed by the minutia details that he paid attention. Mostly with the presentation itself. I began to get worried. I've never analyzed a presentation to the depths of how the professors. This made me realized how I need to improve my presentation skills. This is something my team and I are ready to work on and ready to master.

During Office Hour we had an assignment due at the end of the duration of Office Hours. It was so stressful. We had to create a memo format that had all the styles and feature that a memo would have. It had to be created from scratch as well as creative. I was so afraid I wouldn't be about to make it in time, but I did. At 5:58 PM I turned in my final draft of the memo template, which was due at 6:00 PM. After slaving for two hours, I created my master piece. The memo template I created was a template that high school students from Maramountie High School would use to sent memos and letters to the administration. This school was located in 1900 Refugio Valley Rd, Mason, RI. To be completely honest I made up the school but it didn't matter for  this assignment because the school logo and address didn't matter the template itself did. After submitting it, I was so relieved. I saw some of the students even send in theirs late. I felt like the weight was lifted. I only hope that the professors will like my template. 

After class, I went to dinner and saw my cohort. It has been two whole days since we've all sat down and eaten together. It was extremely fun. After we saw Mr.Chan-Law, who stopped by because it was JULIE'S BIRTHDAY(sorry for all the caps)! We were extremely happy for her and was so excited! We signed a card for her and took pictures.
The people who make me smile everyday!!!
After that some of us played ultimate Frisbee and volleyball. Today was a special occasion because I had more time on my hand, but I am still going to study and go over my notes from today to be more prepared for tomorrow. 

Today was a great day! To me it was the epitome of being part of the college atmosphere. Having to study really hard and be in an intense class fro 6 hours, then having time to relax with friends for a bit is a lifestyle that I can see myself live,

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