Saturday, June 27, 2015

Poncho Models

This morning was a very rainy morning, yet I decided to spend it with my friends at college town. I went with Reese, Joseph, Helen, Shanti, Justice, Stephen, Rachel, and Lucy. It was a ten minute walk to college town, and once we were there we decided to try the famouse College Town Bagels. It was a delicious brunch for me, as I enjoyed the Round House. It had bacon, sausage, bacon, and hash browns, sandwiched in a rosemary bagel. After a couple of minutes enjoying our food, we decided to come back to our dorms to spend the afternoon sleeping, or doing our homework.

At the dorms, I invited Rachel and Lucy to my dorm. In my dorm, we did our homework and some karaoke to Disney songs. It was hilarious to be singing and dancing in my room because I felt a connection between the two of them. When it was 1 o'clock, Lucy and I decided to go to Mary Donlon to play card games with Reese. We had a fun time playing King of the Hill, which is a card game similar to Big 2. The only difference was that one person would be the "king" and the other two people would be farmers who worked together. I liked the idea of being on a team so I decided to be a farmer. After a couple of minutes, we were tired of the game and decided to play online games. This meeting lasted for 30 minutes until I got a call from Melissa. She was wondering where I was, and when I told her she came up to the dormitory. At the same time Lucy went back to her room to sleep, and I fell into that flow as well. I became sleepy, and Melissa and I decided to walk back to South Balch.
Melissa and I

At South Balch, I went to Melissa's room to watch some Korean drama. During my time here, I introduced K-drama to Rachel and Melissa and they are now enjoying it as much as I do. I had them watch Pinocchio, the show that got me interested into Korean dramas. I already watched the show, and like any good show, the beginning is always difficult to watch. The drama hits really hard, especially since I expect the outcomes of the episode. Giving that point, Melissa watched the Korean drama on her own as I took a quick power nap in her room. I never knew how amazing naps were, but once I was woken up to the notifications of my phone, I wanted to continue to sleep. It was close to 6 o'clock when I decided to fully wake up and go to RPCC for dinner.

Dinner was great as usual, and afterwards I went down to the first level with Melissa, Helen, and Shanti, to meet with Mr. Chan-Law. Mr Chan-Law wanted us to meet with him at 7:15 PM, and once everyone arrived, we talked about going to the bookstore for our hoodies. I am glad that we are going on Monday because I didn't expect the chill, rainy weather at Cornell, so I don't have a lot of warm clothes. Mr. Chan-Law decided to split our group into two because of our different schedules. I will be going with Helen and Justice tomorrow at 3:30 PM and Shanti, Julie, and Stephen will be going on Tuesday during their lunch hour. I can't wait until we can all support Cornell University, it will be fun. For Sunday tomorrow, I will be going to Treman Park, so hopefully it is not too muddy to hike around the park. I will be fashionably wearing my beautiful, bright, yellow poncho. 

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  1. I’ve seen that poncho somewhere before. I used to have one just like it in the back of my van before I stopped by your house a couple of weeks back. Glad it’s getting some use.