Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dancing Queens

Risely Hall 
What a wonderful morning today. I woke up at 8 o'clock feeling better than ever. I was excited to go on the trip to Treman Park, however, I decided not to go. I wanted to stay at South Balch to finish my reading for the class, so that I would not be cramming so much information tonight. Our P.A. emailed us that it was okay to back out of the trip, and I did so. But, I did go to the dance club, so today's exercise is finished. 

I woke up in the morning to be greeted by Rachel and Melissa. We went to RPCC at 9 o'clock to find Reese, Joseph, Helen, and Shanti there. It was exciting to have all of us eat together. At the same time, I saw Frank. He asked me if I wanted to sit with him with Kristine, but I declined because I already had my own group. He then suggested sitting with us and I told him that he could. 

I love eating breakfast today. Sundays at RPCC are filled with my favorite foods such as, the scrambled eggs, sausages, pancakes, and the waffles. We all ate together, and once we were finished we went on to do our own routine. Shanti had to meet up with her group and Melissa, Rachel, and I decided to go back to the dorms to read. After reading about half of the thirty pages, I went to eat lunch with Melissa and Rachel. I was already full from breakfast, so I didn't eat much. Afterwards, Melissa and I decided to hang out with Reese and Joseph in Mary Donlon. Reese was at the gym for two hours, doing a full body workout, so I chatted with Joseph. We didn't talk much because we were busy doing our readings for our class, but when we did, we had a great time. Melissa and I decided to go eat at 5:45 PM because we had the dance club at Risely Hall. We met up with Lucy and Helen at RPCC. Lucy went to the dance club with us, while Helen went back to the dormitory. 

Dance Crew for Life
At dance club, I was nervous to see what the choreographed dance would be. The first thing we did was stretch. After stretching, the RCA's separated us into two different groups. Lucy, Melissa, and I were lucky enough to be in group two. Then, we watched the RCA's dance to the fast-paced songs. The dance moves that were presented to us looked difficult, but with enough practice we became dancing queens. I'm joking, but I was impressed to see everyone dancing so well after practicing. It was fun to be in the dance studio, but it was getting stuffy inside. It felt like a sauna, but disregarding that, I enjoyed learning the dance. After we left, we headed our way to Mary Donlon to chill with Reese and Joseph. When arriving at the lobby, I saw people from the dance club already practicing. I was surprised to see them still moving after the rigorous practice we had today. I have a way to remember dance moves by naming them in a funny way. There's a dance move that combines a backward "duck waddle," and a "fly swapping" motion. With this amazing combination, I was able to remember the move and make my fellow dance members laugh--especially Lucy. 

I had a fun day today, reading and dancing. Hopefully by the end of the program, I will be able to show off my sweet dance moves to my fellow peers. I will remember this summer with this phrase: "Work hard. Play hard."
Photobombing my Shot 

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  1. No offense, Thao, but that photo of the Dancing Queens shows two dancers and one other person who looks like she belongs on the Gong Show. :-) Ya gotta work on those moves.