Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Microsoft Slavery Ends Today

I'm always waking up to something new in the East Coast. During our travels, it was a giant pillow from Thao and yesterday it was a crate full of good morning greetings. Today it was rain. I enjoyed the light drizzle on our walk to class, but I've learned that air conditioning and wet ankles don't go well together.
Computer lab.

We started our day off with a pop quiz followed by a lecture by Mark. Afterwards, we broke up into two groups. Reneta demonstrated how to use the CHESS program, a virtual hotel simulator. Afterwards, everyone moved into the bin lab for a hands on experience with computers. I thought I knew my way around the computer pretty well, but Mark did a fine job of proving me wrong.

You can never go wrong with mushrooms.
Everyone took a lashing as he navigated his way across the banners efficiently while creating a beautiful template out of scratch. After the lesson, we returned to the classroom. Mark had everyone raise their right hand, and with broad grin, he asked our class to repeat the following: "I, your name, promise to not be Microsoft's dog."

We grabbed some lunch afterwards. The Trillium has a nice selection of foods. Yesterday I went with the chicken wrap, but I'm trying the Portobello Quesadilla today. Afterwards, we returned to the classroom for a lecture by Reneta and ended the class with a stop by the computer lab.

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